JC’s Top Rope Report: Just How Bad Is The WWE Right Now?

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If you are a fan of the WWE like I am, you know this tends to be the down period for the product. The big SummerSlam push has come and gone, and it is still too early to start any kind of build for Wrestlemania. It is often a lull period for the company. If the WWE was ever going to take a break, this would be the time period to do it. The NFL is in full swing, the NHL and NBA are back, and the MLB Playoffs are going on. Combine all that with the WWE’s track record during the fall and it is a recipe for disaster.

But even with all of that, the WWE still tends to put out a few bright spots in the product during the fall time period. Last year we had the emergence of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose during their singles feud, and the eventual build-up to the Authority storyline which ended with Sting at Survivor Series (although it was cancelled out a month later). We also had Brock Lesnar as Champion. In 2013 we had Daniel Bryan’s main event push going on. Again, it didn’t end the right way but we saw the start of Daniel Bryan’s run at the top. In 2012 we were in the WWE Title reign of CM Punk. In 2011, we were at the tail end of the Summer of Punk, which lead into the Miz/Truth angle which I love to this day. I thought the beatdown both men gave to John Cena, Alberto del Rio and CM Punk at the end of their Cell match was great. Again, it is a shame the WWE didn’t follow it up properly.

So while the storyline may not have ended well, at least there was something to get invested in at one point or another during the after SummerSlam lull. But when you take a look at what is going on in today’s WWE, everything from year’s past looks like a Storyline of the Year candidate. There is not one good storyline going on in the WWE right now. More often than not, I have caught myself zoning out during RAW and switching to Monday Night Football or the MLB Playoffs during the show. If the WWE has someone like me who’s been a fan for the last 25 years tuning in and out, I can only imagine what part time fans are doing.

Not one of the top storylines in the WWE has any kind of hook to it right now. Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker are main eventing Hell In A Cell, but only Brock has appeared on WWE TV in the month of October. And both times it was against Big Show. Both of them appearing Monday on RAW. Yes, this is a match I want to see. It is what we talked about on the Wrestling Radio Show months ago. But it has just been so lazily done and thrown together. I’m pretty sure during this entire build has had more time dedicated to video packages than actual match time. And both men will likely be gone after the show.

How about the WWE Championship feud? Oh yeah, that has Kane as the challenger. He is also going through a split personality dilemma right now. I could live with a split personality character for someone, but Kane has already had enough crazy storylines in his lifetime. All the WWE needed to do was say Kane was back for revenge against Seth Rollins. But no, the WWE went the route they did. And how about Seth Rollins? How many TV losses and overall losses does he have during his Title reign? I’ve lost count.

The Roman Reigns/Bray Wyatt feud has been going on for two months too long. The HIAC match these two are going to have is going to die a slow death in front of the Los Angeles crowd. These two have yet to put on an entertaining one-on-one match yet. I don’t get why they didn’t make this a six man HIAC tag match. Reigns died on the mic this past Monday giving a recap of this horrible feud.

I could go on and on if I wanted to. The Divas Revolution has been bungled, and I already wrote about that and how I would have fixed it. The Rusev/Lana/Summer Rae/Dolph Ziggler feud has been blown to bits thanks to them acknowledging TMZ on TV for some reason. John Cena is leaving in two weeks. Instead of building up a storyline to write him off, we have nothing close to that. Just when you think the New Day is in line for a serious push, they are an afterthought on the next RAW.

I cannot think of one fully entertaining storyline in the WWE right now. And I am not the only one. Everything I see on Twitter, message boards and other websites is the same: Constantly boring shows, very few entertaining matches/segments, three hour RAWs being too long. And the WWE wonders why the ratings are so low. I really wish someone at USA Network would scrap the third hour. Yes, I know the third hour would do more than a NCIS or Law & Order SVU re-run, but couldn’t the USA Network but I new show on before or after RAW that might do well?

The WWE is in need of a serious jolt of energy right now. But I don’t know what they could do that could possibly give it a boost. Part of me thinks the WWE could use a reboot, similar to what WCW did towards its dying days. Of course, Vince McMahon wants to turn to stars of the past rather than build up new stars who are there full time. I don’t know what can awake the sleeping giant that is the WWE, but it needs to do something. Otherwise, they might risk losing long term fans like me.

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