WWE NXT Review For 10.21.15 (w/JSP)

NXT Logo - 2012

Asuka vs. Billie Kay

-Asuka is just money. From the music, the serial killer smile, the way she walks, and how well she carries herself in the ring… she’s just far and away one of the most charismatic wrestlers NXT has, and she doesn’t even cut promos.

-Billie Kay impressed me here too. Hopefully she starts to get away from being a resident jobber soon enough. Match was a squash really, but it was crazy entertaining just because Asuka killing bitches is a great past time.

Enzo & Cass vs. Dash & Dawson

-I will maintain until my dying day that Enzo & Cass should be champions right now. They’re not a terrible team and can ramp it up when they need to. That said, I like this as a feud. Dash & Dawson are more subdued, old school tag guys while Enzo and Cass are the definition of excess. It works because Enzo and Cass have been treading water since July and they’re too fun of an act to be sitting on the sidelines.

-Not sure I dig the finish for this one, but it works to kick the program into higher ground. It’s nice to see the simple “get bitter you lost, so beat the fuck out of your opponents” because it gives Dash and Dawson heat while giving people a reason to care about Enzo and Cass beyond their promos. Good enough for me.

-I don’t really subscribe to the whole “bash Eva Marie at every jump” thing a lot of people do, but Jesus CHRIST her vignette on this episode was the most uncharismatic and awkward thing ever. Although, it probably isn’t her playing a gimmick because I’d almost bet money that she has the personality of a kumquat in real life too.

James Storm vs. Danny Burch

-Overjoyed to see Storm in NXT. Guys as talented as he is shouldn’t waste away in 2015 TNA, and I’d rather him do cool shit in NXT than try and murder Mickie James for 250,000 people on a Discovery bitch channel.

-His theme isn’t as ridiculous as his TNA theme, but that’s kind of a small complaint as he gets more response here for his work than he has since 2012. He even pulled out SORRY ABOUT YOUR DAMN LUCK which warms my heart. Very excited to see what he does next.

-Glad to see they’re attempting to establish Apollo as somewhat of a character with the video package. I fear his overall personality is a little close to Finn Balor, i.e. the humble, likable blue chipper with a cool backstory. It’s really cool that NXT is still giving him a 5 minute video package to put him over as a worker and a person nonetheless. It still boggles my mind the main roster is such shit at everything while NXT does simple things that take 5 minutes out of their program to get their stars over. It’s such a simple concept!

-Oh come on with the Nia Jax vignettes. You Glacier’d her for two months and she finally debuts. You don’t need more video packages that are her telling us stuff that college girls caption their gym selfies with on Instagram. Focus on making her look like a monster instead of a housewife in leotards and we’ll talk.

Alexa Bliss vs. Peyton Royce

-Kind of a nothing match, but it did its job. You can’t really make an observation on Alexa’s in-ring ability in this sort of enhancement match, ya know? I do adore the Sparkle Splash though. For such a small girl, Alexa really makes it look like she’s trying to squish your face into the mat with it.

-Her promo was alright too, but I got a bigger kick out of Blake and Murphy talking shit behind her more than anything. I hope they get something to do soon. I think they’d be a good fit to face Jordan & Gable for a couple months.

Baron Corbin vs. Rhyno

-Eh, didn’t do much for me. Baron Corbin has no charisma in the ring and it makes me want to fast forward his matches. I did enjoy the closing stretch with Corbin kicking out of the Gore, but I’m gonna maintain that he needs to be in a tag team (Solomon Crowe is a good partner for him) until he manages to get any sort of personality. **

-I liked the Samoa Joe promo to end the show. Kind of reminds me of a 2005 ROH show, building to the next one with a simple monologue. It’s little things like that that get me watching NXT.

Final Thoughts: It was a good show, and a lot better than the snoozer they pulled out last week. It was full of enhancement squashes, but that’s not a bad thing because it’s an easy way to build up a challenger instead of, I don’t know, jobbing him out the week before he looks to get redemption. So yeah, it was an easy-watch, but not a must-see by any means.

Jake St-Pierre