JC’s Top Rope Report: WWE Hell In A Cell Thoughts

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Alberto del Rio defeats John Cena to Win the United States Championship

-Wow, that was surprising. I knew there were rumors that the WWE wanted Alberto del Rio back, but I didn’t think it would happen this quickly. As a fan of Lucha Underground I really don’t like it. Obviously I want Del Rio on LU. But I hope he finds success again in the WWE. The match itself was average. It didn’t really get into a second or third gear like most of Cena’s matches have recently. And I’m surprised they didn’t go with any type of follow up/injury angle to Cena. Zeb with Del Rio will be interesting.

Roman Reigns defeats Bray Wyatt Inside Hell In A Cell

-It was somehwat of a spot fest brawl but it worked with these two. They really didn’t put on any good wrestling matches together so they needed to use the kendo sticks, chairs and tables here. It actually felt like the definitive end to the feud. If I were the WWE, I would try to keep Bray Wyatt off of TV for the rest of the year and try to rehabilitate his character. He always loses the big match in his feuds. My guess on Reigns is that he is next in like for Seth Rollins.

New Day defeats the Dudley Boyz to Retain the Tag Team Championship

-Maybe it’s just me, but these teams don’t seem to click in the ring. Maybe the rust/age is starting to show for the Dudleyz. But I haven’t been that in to their matches yet. This thing has to be going to TLC. I think both teams will be involved in a Survivor Series style match at the next PPV. The logical conclusion is that this ends in a Tables Match at TLC. But the action was just okay.

Charlotte defeats Nikki Bella to Retain the Divas Championship

-Another solid match between these two. I liked it better than last month’s match. That reverse off the top could have gone badly for both of them. Charlotte could have blown out her knees and Nikki could have broke various bones. But both women put on a good match. One would assume Nikki is out of the Title picture, and Paige starts a feud up with Charlotte next.

Seth Rollins defeats Kane to Retain the WWE Championship

-Eh, okay match. Both men tried but it just wasn’t working. Rollins is too quick for Kane at this point in his career. Plus, there was no heat for the match. No one thought Kane was winning. Now, if they had done this during the summer where this angle had some heat and Kane was gaining fan sympathy maybe it would have worked. But the angle had no traction and the audience never got behind Kane. Hopefully this doesn’t continue.

Kevin Owens defeats Ryback to Retain the Intercontinental Championship

-Everything I just wrote above can be said here. Meh match. Ryback has kind of plateau’d as a wrestler. He had a weird sudden spike in popularity, but it has died down recently. Owens moves on, maybe to someone like Dean Ambrose or a returning Daniel Bryan? Yeah, that would be pretty cool.

Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker inside Hell In A Cell

-That good brawl that I said Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt just had? Well The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar easily topped that. See what happens when you allow people to bleed inside the Cell and throw a little more violence into it. It did have the feel of the final chapter to their feud. It may have been my favorite match between these two of the last three that they’ve had. Taker seems to be in great shape for one more run.

As for the end, I’m left scratching my head. If you want to move the Wyatt Family on to a feud against The Undertaker then why have Bray lose to Reigns? And unless the Wyatts are going to win the match at Survivor Series, why even have this feud at all? Bray has lost every big match in the WWE. There are some fans who are just done with him as a character.

OVERALL: I’d say this is a thumbs leaning up show. Not great, but better than average thanks to one good, one great Cell match. The Divas match delivered again and the quality can only go up going forward. Alberto del Rio was a surprise and hopefully he doesn’t fall into mid-card obscurity going forward. It’ll be an interesting time period for the WWE in the next few months. Brock Lesnar is gone. John Cena is presumed to be gone. Randy Orton is hurt. If there was ever a time to make new stars, this is it.

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