JC’s Top Rope Report: After RAW Thoughts For 10.26.15

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-The treating of Becky Lynch on the main roster has been absolutely criminal. They haven’t let her have any showcase matches as a singles wrestler. She is always the sidekick to either Paige or Charlotte. And now it looks like she will be the third wheel in a feud between Charlotte and Paige. What does this woman have to do to standout? Just one of the many problems the Divas Revolution has going for it.

-Someone I know brought this up, but this whole Del Rio/Zeb storyline seems like it could lead to Donald Trump appearing at Wrestlemania. And you know what, it would be HUGE mainstream attention for the WWE.

-I really hope that this Sheamus, King Barrett and Rusev group starts picking up some more wins along the way. They are three guys that were toiling away as singles stars but could make an impact together as a group. Image if, god help us, Sheamus wins the WWE Championship and Rusev/Barrett win the Tag Team Titles. Hopefully the WWE sticks with these guys and gives them some wins.

-Okay, I can get the WWE not wanting us to remember Brock Lesnar/Undertaker from over ten years ago. But do they expect us to not remember that Undertaker beat Bray Wyatt less than a year ago? I mean just because he has the Wyatt Family now, are we suppose to take them as more of a threat? They haven’t been booked as such since reuniting. Plus, Bray’s promo wasn’t all that good. Still not hooked by this storyline.

-That was a fun set of matches tonight as far as the #1 Contender’s Tournament went. The Fatal 4 Way was really good. But I’m not sold on Reigns being in this spot yet. I would have much rather seen the WWE take a risk on a guy like Kevin Owens or Dolph Ziggler in that spot. Plus, the WWE foreshadowing the result at the beginning of the show was kind of stupid too. How they book Reigns from here on out will be what’s key. They can’t try to turn him into John Cena because it won’t work. I’m not upset with Reigns winning, I just don’t like how the WWE went about it.

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