JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 11.2.15

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-I love that it seems like Cesaro is in the “give no fucks” mode when it comes to his on screen character. The guy is clearly over, despite the WWE’s best efforts to stop it. I just don’t get why the WWE doesn’t give him one strong push. If he is a bust, then so be it. It’s not like the WWE hasn’t had people not work out for them before. If Ryback can get a WWE Title match, there is no reason Cesaro shouldn’t be able to get one.

-That Wyatt Family segment was awful. If this was the Attitude Era that stuff *may* have passed, but it is even a stretch for that time period. Nobody wants to see Bray with The Undertaker and Kane’s powers. It’s funny because I’ve said forever that Bray Wyatt needs to be more Raven and less Undertaker, and now he is apparently all Undertaker. The kids may have liked that, but the majority of responses I’ve seen thought that segment was a major bust.

-This RAW has been weird. The Lucha Dragons got a video package before their match, then went on to have a competitive bout with King Barrett and Sheamus which they won. Then Jack Swagger interacted with Zeb, and they talked about their past. They also let Sasha Banks cut a promo before her match. Are we actually allowed to have nice things?

-Hey look WWE, maybe if you had just let the Divas show off their wrestling ability in the ring, then your Divas Revolution would’ve worked. It really wasn’t that hard of an idea from the beginning.

-We have been blessed with two good RAWs in a row. The wrestling on this show was good again. The main event was fun, but they better be doing some Survivor Series elimination matches at the actual show. Protecting Rollins in a 2-on-1 situation was a little weird, especially when Reigns got the upper hand in the end anyways. But it doesn’t detract from another solid RAW.

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