JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 11.9.15

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-Logically, Sheamus should have come out and tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract to start the show. Do I want him as WWE Champion? Of course not. But it would at least make sense for him to do it.

-I didn’t think it would happen this quickly, but the WWE is already running into a problem with the fans not cheering for Charlotte. The problem is that she barely shows any personality. All she has is the “Daughter of Ric Flair” card. Her mannerisms and facial expressions leave a lot to be desired. Paige as a heel shows more personality, as does her friend Becky Lynch. She needs to step up her game.

-Alberto del Rio is back to being the Alberto del Rio of WWE’s past. He just isn’t interesting at the moment whatsoever. I can’t believe it only took two weeks for this to happen. He’s just showing no aggression in the ring or during his promos.

-Sheamus gets a lot of flack from people, myself included. But in actuality he is a perfectly fine wrestler to have on any roster. He works stiff in the ring but I like that in a wrestler. He can play the bruiser heel and have a good match with almost anyone on the roster. He had another good one with Cesaro on RAW.

-I’m a big Tyler Breeze fan, but even I am surprised that he is in the WWE Title Tournament. You could have just as easily thrown in a member of the New Day. It’s weird seeing Breeze’s first match being in the WWE Title Tournament.

-So The Undertaker and Kane come back, and take out the Wyatt Family on their own. The WWE is going to find themselves in a bind if they go with the 4-on-2 route at Survivor Series. If the Wyatts win, that is two straight losses for Taker. If Taker and Kane win, the Wyatt Family is all but dead.

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