Eddie Guerrero Week: 5 Feuds We Never Had A Chance To See

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Eddie Guerrero Week continues here at HTCWrestling with a look at some feuds that we never had the opportunity to see. At the time of his passing, Guerrero was 38 years old. I would find it highly unlikely that he would still be wrestling today. I would say it would be reasonable to assume that Guerrero maybe had another five years of wrestling in him. And when you look back at Eddie Guerrero’s career, there were a lot of feuds that could have happened towards the end of it. I’ll take a look at five feuds that myself, and I’m sure a lot of wrestling fans, would have loved to see happen.

1. Shawn Michaels

-This is the obvious one. And it was actually rumored to be the direction the WWE was going when it came to Wrestlemania 22. Court Bauer, former WWE Creative member, did an interview where he said the match was suggested. The suggestion was to play off the similarities of the careers of both men. Eddie Guerrero was a star in Mexico similar to Shawn Michaels becoming a star in America. They also both struggled with their addictions and demons, but both fought back to overcome them and succeeded with their second chances. It would have been a great storyline and match in the ring.

2. Triple H

-Here’s another wrestler that surprisingly never really crossed paths with Eddie Guerrero in his WWE career, at least as far as rivals went. They had one match on RAW the night of the Draft in 2004, and it ended with the entire roster out there brawling to end the show. A face Eddie Guerrero going after Triple H for either the WWE or World Title would have been a fun program to watch.

3. The Undertaker

-Another surprising omission from Guerrero’s career as far as on-screen rivalries go. I have to think if they went through with the Eddie heel turn in 2005, this would have been a program we would have seen later in the year. It just makes too much sense for it not to happen at some point. Guerrero would try to use his cheating tactics against Taker, but would more than likely run off in fear every time he tried them. This program could have headlined Smackdown for a good few months.

4. Jeff Hardy

-Jeff Hardy wasn’t with the WWE when Eddie passed away. He came back in 2006 and by 2008 was a main eventer in the company. It’s another story where both men came back from the demons of their personal life. Guerrero would have been the perfect veteran mentor to help bring Hardy along during his rise to the top.

5. CM Punk

-If you ask me, this would have been the perfect program for Eddie Guerrero to go out on. By 2010/2011, CM Punk was already on the scene with his Straight Edge Society gimmick. Punk could have attacked Guerrero about his past drug history. It would have made Eddie the man the fans wanted to cheer for one last time. Even if he would have been a heel going into the feud, Straight Edge Society CM Punk could have turned Guerrero face with one promo. CM Punk vs Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania 26 would have been a fun match, and a great way for Eddie to go out.

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