Eddie Guerrero Week: Final Thoughts On Latino Heat

Eddie Guerrero - 10 Year Anniversary Wallpaper

Today marks a sad day in the history of professional wrestling. Ten years ago today, Eddie Guerrero passed away. It was a sad day. I can remember coming home from work and going online to read the news. This was before the days of Twitter and Facebook breaking news and it being out there almost right after it happens. I was absolutely stunned and taken aback by the news. I was watching when Owen Hart passed away, but I was still too young to understand the full feeling of losing someone you watched and enjoyed perform.

The tribute show the next night was an emotional one for me. I have no problem telling you it was one of only two times I’ve shed a tear watching wrestling (the other being HBK’s retirement speech on RAW). And that just goes to show you what kind of effect Eddie had on the fans of professional wrestling.

Watching the career growth of Eddie is something that is fun to watch. And with the WWE Network around, it is a lot easier to do. You can start with his ECW and WCW career, and then move on to his WWE career. Eddie was always a great in ring worker. You can put on any Eddie Guerrero match from Nitro or a PPV and it is a fun watch. But watch an early Eddie Guerrero WCW promo and it is not good. He comes off as very tentative and nervous. He started to show some improvement when he turned heel, as most wrestlers do. But he didn’t quite reach the level he did when he was in the WWE.

Eddie Guerrero’s work in the WWE was great. He made a storyline with Chyna work. He worked so well in the mid-card. I also remember the Radicalz debut on RAW. It was a really big deal at the time. After Eddie’s release and eventual return to the WWE, the Smackdown Six were born. If you haven’t watched this time in the WWE then what the hell are you waiting for??? The series of matches between Eddie, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit are phenomenal. It was a time when Smackdown was clearly superior to RAW.

It was such a great career moment to watch Eddie Guerrero win the WWE Title, defeating Brock Lesnar in the process. The match and moment itself were highly dramatic. While Eddie may not have had the successful run that he wanted too, it is still something no one can take away from him. Eddie’s final months feuding with Rey Mysterio was interesting. He cut a great heel promo on Rey in the build up of the feud.

Eddie’s “Lie, Cheat and Steal” tactics were always fun TV. Eddie always found a new way to go out and entertain the fans with his character. The evolution of Eddie as an in ring performer and character is something to watch. Eddie’s passion for pro wrestling showed every time he was on TV. You could tell that he loved what he did and loved to entertain the audience. More wrestlers today need to watch Eddie and follow his example of what a professional wrestler should be like.

Eddie Guerrero may be gone, but he will never be forgotten in the mind’s of wrestling fans.

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