JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 11.16.15

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-I’m still not a fan of this Brothers of Destruction/Wyatt Family feud at all. Trying to turn Bray into a new face of fear with evil powers is not going to work at all. And it is going to send the Wyatt Family to a place they may not be able to recover from. Why the WWE refuses to make them more like Raven and The Flock is beyond me. Do we really need people with supernatural powers after Undertaker retires?

-It’s amazing how much better RAW can be sometimes when the matches actually have a meaning to them. I’m nervous how RAW will be after Survivor Series. The last two weeks, the WWE Title Tournament has given meaning to almost every match on RAW. After Survivor Series, I fear things will go back to status quo.

-So what else does Cesaro have to do to prove that he is a main eventer in the WWE? That was EASILY the best match Roman Reigns had since Wrestlemania. It wasn’t all because of Cesaro. Roman has shown he can have a good match. His matches with Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar earlier in the year were very good. But Cesaro has more than proven he belongs at the top of the card, and I hope he doesn’t fall down it after tonight.

-The WWE’s Title Tournament Bracket is that boring NCAA Bracket your co-workers fill out where they pick all chalk. Then when that happens, they brag about being right and say they are good at picking winners. Could it have killed the WWE to have at least one upset winner in the semifinals? I’ll give my full thoughts when we record the Wrestling Radio Show later this week, but it has been quite the predictable Tournament so far.

-The contract signing wasn’t terrible. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. I think it will garner more criticism because it was the final segment of the show. The women should be main eventing RAW, but it shouldn’t be in a contract signing segment. Especially with someone like Charlotte, who isn’t one of the better talkers in the women’s division. Kind of an odd way to end the show. The pull apart brawl was good.

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