JC’s Top Rope Report: Survivor Series Gone Wrong

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Well they did it. After trying to tell myself that it would never happen, that the WWE could not be that stupid, they went ahead and made the worst decision possible. There were so many different outcomes that the WWE could have booked. We talked about it on the Wrestling Radio Show this week. They needed a new heel to take the top spot in the WWE. They needed a shakeup with so many stars out injured. There was buzz going into the event.

But just as we’ve come to expect with the WWE, they let us down again.

Where do we even begin? Triple H wanted a new face of the WWE as Champ. So he goes with Sheamus. From a storyline perspective, it makes about the least sense possible. Sheamus looks like more of a goof than Daniel Bryan and his beard. Also, why would Triple H want someone as his corporate Champion who hasn’t won a match in what seems like forever. It seems like that is typical of Money in the Bank winners. The WWE tends to book them on a losing streak before they cash in. Of course that makes the least amount of sense possible, again. Wouldn’t you want your next Champion to be taken as a serious threat? And not someone that was just pinned by Ryback an hour or so before? And that silence you heard from the audience wasn’t stunned silence. It was the silence of realizing that we now have to live with a Sheamus WWE Title reign, with Roman Reigns being the man who will likely chase him.

Speaking of Roman Reigns, the WWE went the wrong route beforehand by having Reigns win the WWE Title, clean as a whistle. It was a reaction that was met with a mostly negative response. Reigns isn’t where the WWE needs him to be right now to be the top face in the company. Hell, no one is really where the WWE needs them to be right now to take that spot. And that issue falls solely on the people in charge. Their hot/cold, even-steven booking has killed their product.

Reigns has been booked wrong since the beginning. The WWE has tried to make him the next John Cena when they should have made him the next Goldberg or Batista. I’ve been, hell almost every wrestling fan has been preaching this for months. I said going into Reigns Title shot against Seth Rollins that it was likely Reigns last shot to prove his worth to the WWE. It isn’t all the fault of Reigns, but the WWE dropped the ball on Reigns yet again. Every face of the WWE turned heel and had a solid run in that spot before they became a face: The Rock, John Cena, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels etc. If this was ten years ago, the WWE wouldn’t be afraid to make that move. But sometime between then and now, Vince McMahon lost his giant grapefruits somewhere and is too afraid to make the move.

Hell, if the WWE really wanted to get some kind of heat on Sheamus, they should have had Dean Ambrose win the Title then Sheamus cash in. More fans would have been pissed at that result than the one that we got. As a matter of fact, why wasn’t more made about Dean Ambrose becoming WWE Champion going into this show? Why wasn’t Triple H more concerned about a lunatic fringe becoming the face of the WWE. They made a big deal about it when he faced Seth Rollins, it should have been made a big deal again here. Hell, I talked about the idea of turning Ambrose heel and becoming a corporate Champ since Triple H didn’t talk about Ambrose at all. To me, that just shows what the WWE thinks of Ambrose as a top star going forward.

The WWE needed a new top heel coming out of Survivor Series. But what happened instead? Both mid-card heel Champions lost, the Wyatts lost AGAIN to The Undertaker and Kane, neither Dean Ambrose or Roman Reigns turned heel, and the heel they made their WWE Champ lost earlier in the night and hasn’t won an important match in who knows how long. Hell, I would have been fine with Sheamus coming out and trying to cash in Money in the Bank when there was NO WWE CHAMPION. It would have made sense from his standpoint. And you could have had the winner of the tournament face Sheamus later in the night for the Title.

But once again, the WWE failed to use any logic in their booking of Survivor Series. Instead, we are once again left questioning why the WWE did what they did, and why we continue to stick along for this ride.

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Justin C

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