JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 11.30.15

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-After missing last week, I was glad that the New Day were the first thing on my screen to start the show. But then they had to introduce Sheamus. And then Roman Reigns came out. It’s pretty bad that the whole time Sheamus was running down Reigns, there wasn’t a single fan chanting “Roman Reigns,” hoping he would come out.

-Anyone who listens to the Wrestling Radio Show knows I’m a fan of Rusev. But he has been royally screwed by this entire angle with Lana. There was no reason that the WWE needed to address the Rusev/Lana engagement on TV. They could have just swept it under the rug. But because this company doesn’t know what it is doing, they felt the need to do the complete opposite.

-I don’t like going to the past and bringing up ECW, but this does kind of make sense for this storyline. The Dudleyz need partners to help against the Wyatt Family. Plus that team can put over the Wyatts at TLC without an issue. Of course, I was also hoping for a Sandman or New Jack run in at the end, or even RVD with Bill Alfonso. I don’t like bringing up ECW in the current product, but ECW will always have a spot in wrestling history that can’t be denied.

-You know, it’s a shame it took a bunch of injuries to properly make a faction with Sheamus, Barrett, Rusev and Del Rio. Of course, the problem now is that no one will take them as a serious threat because most of them were treated as jobbers before all of this. It’s the big problem with the WWE and their 50/50 booking style.

-The booking of the Divas Division is once again at it’s half ass form. We don’t really know who the heel or the face is. Charlotte uses heel tactics in a match, but she is suppose to be a face. They’ll probably try to turn Becky heel here even though it won’t work. Someone wake me when this is fixed.

-The show ended with about the deadest crowd you could imagine. But is it there fault? The WWE has done nothing to get the crowd into anything about the current product. I was sitting here writing this stuff bored to death. New Day tried to make things entertaining, and the crowd was hot for Dean Ambrose, but the WWE has shown that they won’t care about those guys so why get behind them?

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