JC’s Top Rope Report: Could Kevin Owens Be The Next Big WWE Star?

Kevin Owens - Fight Owens Fight Wallpaper

This past Monday on RAW, we saw the forming of a new stable known as the League of Nations. The group consists of Sheamus, Alberto del Rio, King Barrett and Rusev. All men are foreigners in the WWE, so it makes sense on some level. Rivaling them seems to be a group of faces that have formed a loose connection with one another in Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and The Usos. Then of course, there is the New Day. Oh, and we can’t forget about the Wyatt Family. And if you want to go into the Divas Division, we have Team B.A.D, Bella and CB. It seems like stables are the new flavor of the month in the WWE.

But there is one man who has yet to form an alliance with anyone. One man that stands alone and doesn’t trust or align with anyone. That man is Kevin Owens. He was absent on RAW this past Monday because he was sick. But that may have benefited Owens more than anything. I’m not saying Owens would have ended up in the League of Nations, but I do find it out that the WWE just dropped the whole MexAmerica angle this past Monday out of nowhere. Maybe Del Rio was a last minute replacement for Owens?

Kevin Owens not being on RAW hurt from a fan perspective, because he is often one of the best parts of the entire show. But I believe there is an opportunity to be had for Owens in the coming weeks. There’s a chance for Kevin Owens to become a big star through all of this stable madness that is going on in the WWE. Owens would probably be the last person in the WWE to be a part of a stable. It just doesn’t fit his character at all. But I have a fun storyline idea that would benefit everyone involved.

If it was me booking Kevin Owens, I would turn him into the ultimate outlaw character. I was going to use the term lone wolf, but I don’t want to bring up Baron Corbin in the same breath as Owens. I would have the League of Nations come out on RAW this Monday and try to recruit Owens into their group. Have Owens listen to their offer and consider. Later in the night, Owens comes out and attacks Dean Ambrose. The League of Nations automatically assumes Owens joins their group. However, after Owens shakes Sheamus’ hand, Owens pulls Sheamus back and delivers a pop-up powerbomb to Sheamus then escapes.

Kevin Owens would fit perfectly as a character who toes the line between being a face and a heel. He gets some of the best reactions from live crowds. Why not try to capitalize on it? If there was anyone on the roster that could make this work, Owens is that man. I think it would benefit Owens as well in the long run. You could also fit Owens into the WWE Title picture with this angle as well.

He may not have the look of a top star, but Kevin Owens does everything you would want your top star to do from a character perspective. He is one of, if not the best, wrestler in the WWE at the moment. He showed immediately upon his arrival in the WWE that he can cut a promo with anyone across from him in the ring and will look legit. And despite his heel persona on TV, Owens is the ultimate family man out of the ring.

With so many top stars currently off of TV, this would be the prefect time to elevate Kevin Owens. I think out of everyone on the current roster, Owens would be the one I’d trust to pull this off. He has years of experience behind him and he has shown that he can make anything work in the WWE. If you want Kevin Owens to fight Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, starting Owens as a character like this would be the perfect start. Get him a WWE Title Match or a strong showing at the Royal Rumble, and things will only look up from there.

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