JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 12.7.15

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-Man, look at all of these factions in the WWE right now. It would have been great to have seen this leading up to Survivor Series. No? Is that too much to ask? I know Seth Rollins getting hurt turned things upside down for the WWE, but seeing all of this two months after Survivor Series is just really annoying.

-That was a good match between Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler. My only problem is that it just didn’t have any meaning too it. I’m all for good wrestling, but why couldn’t the announcers have hyped up that if Dolph Ziggler wins, maybe he can be next in line for an IC Title shot?

-I like Dean Ambrose. But the fact that the WWE now considers what Ambrose does as crazy and unhinged when you compare it to wrestlers of the past makes me sad. I know we will never get the Attitude Era back, and I don’t want it back, but I thought Ambrose coming out and tossing popcorn and soda into the face of Owens was somewhat lame. I just wish the WWE would show some edge in their programming.

-Just give New Day a full 3 hour RAW and let them do their thing. It’d probably do better in the ratings than the current product.

-Man, Charlotte desperately needs a mouth piece that isn’t Ric Flair. She’s an okay talker, but I don’t think she will ever get past where she is right now. I think she gets a lot of unwarranted flack from some people, but her mic skills definitely deserve the criticism they receive. And where was Becky Lynch during that segment? Why ignore what the main topic of MizTV was suppose to be?

-Good god was that closing segment awful. Roman Reigns called Sheamus a tater tot. That had me wishing for John Cena to come back and make poop chants. And I had to laugh about Reigns calling Sheamus a footnote in history, when Sheamus could have said the same thing about him. And these two had an awful brawl. Charlotte/Paige looked so much better. I just don’t care about these two at all.

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