WWE TLC Live Results

TLC - WWE World Heavyweight Champion

Sasha Banks Defeats Becky Lynch

-They tried turning Team B.A.D. into New Day before the match, and well it didn’t work. The match was okay, nothing like their NXT matches. But it wasn’t a bad match for the kickoff show. Kind of surprised to see Sasha pick up the win, especially because I assumed Becky was going to be in line for a Divas Title shot next. Maybe they are going to start the build up for Sasha going into Wrestlemania now?

New Day Defeats The Usos and Lucha Dragons to Retain the Tag Titles

-Sometimes I really do hate ladder matches. For example, The Usos had the chance to BOTH climb the ladder with the other two teams outside the ring. But instead they used the ladder as a weapon and did a dive to the outside. Ladder matches often make wrestlers look stupid.

-Xaiver Woods on commentary rightfully calls out Sin Cara. Despite hitting two dives onto a ladder with opponents under them, he did take himself out of the match.

-The theme of this match is apparently wrestlers diving onto ladders with people underneath them. It’s happened at least five times.

-Kalisto hits his finisher from through a ladder and it looked like one of the most painful things ever. Mad props to him for pulling it off.

-Xaiver throws his trombone into Kalisto. The distraction allows Kofi to take him out and climb the ladder to retain the Titles for New Day.

-Good match. I normally have my problems with these because of the logic flaws involved, but they were minimal in this one. Surprised New Day won honestly.

Rusev Defeats Ryback

-The eventual Rusev/Lana wedding on RAW will be the greatest segment in the history of our sport. Sure, that’s the Rusev mark in me talking but so what?

-Man this crowd is DEADDD for this match. Can’t really blame them though.

-I wish Ryback was better than he is. The guy legitimately seems to care about his work and love the business. He just never put it all together at the right time.

-Ryback falls for the same Lana trick AGAIN. It eventually leads to Rusev passing out in the Accolade. Felt a lot like a TV match.

Alberto del Rio Defeats Jack Swagger to Retain the United States Title

-I think there are more chairs outside the ring than people interested in this match.

-I would’ve thought it would take longer than two months for Del Rio to become just another guy in the WWE. But he really has gotten to this point.

-Good spot where Jack Swagger applies the Patriot Lock with Del Rio’s foot in a chair. But for some reason he lets it go. Angle would have applied the grapevine!

-Del Rio wins after hitting the top rope stomp onto Swagger on some chairs. Decent effort from both men, but the crowd just didn’t care about it. They even chanted CM Punk.

The Wyatt Family Defeats Team ECW in an Elimination Tables Match

-Two tables broken early on in the match, but the competitors weren’t “put through the tables.” But when Big Show accidentally fell through one a few years ago he lost the IC Title. WHAT ARE RULES???

-This match is very disjointed right now and has no flow to it whatsoever.

-Bubba teases lighting a table on fire, but Harper takes him out with a kick then Strowman buts Bubba through the table for the win. I thought Del Rio/Swagger was better, but because it didn’t involve tables or ECW the crowd liked this better.

Dean Ambrose Defeats Kevin Owens to Win The Intercontinental Title

-Kevin Owens says he eats popcorn and drinks soda every day. That man has the best lifestyle ever.

-Ambrose’s offense just doesn’t do it for me. I always feel like he should be more aggressive with his whole lunatic fringe character.

-It doesn’t seem like both guys are putting a full effort into this match. Maybe it’s just me.

-Owens goes for the Pop-Up Powerbomb again, but Ambrose counters into a pin and wins the IC Title. Kind of surprised by that finish. I thought for sure Owens would be a long-term Champion. Good match, but both men are capable of much better.

Charlotte Defeats Paige to Retain the Divas Championship

-You had ONE JOB Kevin Dunn and you miss Charlotte doing the Flair Flop in the middle of the ring. Good job Kevin.

-It’s amazing that because the WWE doesn’t know how to competently book their Divas that they have to bring in Ric Flair to make people care about a Divas Match.

-It’s tough for the crowd to really care going into this match because both women were booked as heels. It seems like they are trying to get Paige to be the face but it isn’t working.

-Ric puts his daughter’s leg under the ropes, rather awkwardly. Charlotte then takes off the half exposed turnbuckle and fully exposes it. Charlotte slams Paige into it and picks up the win. Better effort than last month but still not what they are capable of.

Sheamus Defeats Roman Reigns to Retain the WWE Championship

-Barely two minutes into the match, a “We Want Cena/Cena Sucks” chant starts. Boston fans have apparently gone full Boston.

-The pace of this match is reallllllyyyyy slow to start. And it isn’t helping an already dead crowd. Plus you know, no one likes any of the two guys in the match either.

-I will say one thing this is a very stiff match between these two. Sheamus has a good sized welt/cut on his left arm.

-We are now at “Daniel Bryan” and “NXT” chants. That goes to show you how well this match is going.

-Roman puts Sheamus through a ladder, and the WWE actually talks about how that happened to Sheamus once before and he was out with an injury after it.

-Reigns almost has the Title but Del Rio and Rusev come out. Reigns tries to fight them off but they are too much in the end, and Sheamus retains the Title. Apparently Roman has no friends anymore.

-Reigns is pissed after the match and starts taking out Sheamus with the chair. Triple H comes out and a bunch of refs try to stop him. But Reigns takes out HHH with multiple chair shots. He then powerbombs HHH on the announce table and does a splash to put him through it. Just when you think he is done, Reigns SPRINTS back and spears HHH on the floor.

-I’m conflicted on this one. This is how Reigns should have been booked since he became a singles star. But what did HHH do to warrant that beatdown? He didn’t just screw him over in that match. Reigns should be more pissed at Ambrose and The Usos here. I guess we will have to see where everything goes on RAW. But I’ll be honest, I’m more interested in Reigns now than I have been in the last year.

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