JCs Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 12.14.15

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-Well, if you want to start building Kevin Owens up for a big match, that was a good way to start. I don’t know if Owens is facing Lesnar or not, but that was a strong start. Owens needs to look like an unstoppable force going into that match. He can even lose in a triple threat match for the IC Title and not take the fall. Owens can be built up rather easily for Lesnar, and they need to continue with what they did tonight.

-Its kind of sad watching the Neville/Tyler Breeze match. Both guys had much better careers in NXT. Neville has just been the guy who is there to get a good match out of someone on RAW. Breeze at least debuted into a decent angle, but has done absolutely nothing since then. I wonder how much both of these guys wish they were back in NXT at this point.

-Wow, I’m shocked that the WWE didn’t go the 50/50 route and have Team ECW pick up the win there. That seems to be the norm with how the WWE books RAWs the night after PPVs recently. But the Wyatts needed a couple of big wins to get some momentum back and the last two nights have helped things. Where they go next will be the key.

-Can someone explain why Team BAD had to buy seats for the show rather than just sit at the announce table or come out from the back. And why were they even at ringside when they did absolutely nothing?

-Wow, I can’t believe the WWE actually went through with the Title change on RAW. I wonder if they switched things up and decided to run with the momentum that Reigns had last night. Whatever they did, the WWE has made Roman Reigns more interesting to a lot of viewers (myself included) over the last two days. Plus the WWE did a big angle on RAW that had a lot more meaning than most December angles. I have to tip my hat to the WWE here. They went through with Reigns finally winning the Title and they pulled it off about as well as they could have.

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