JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 12.21.15

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-Stephanie McMahon made that opening segment awful. Who would have ever thought that Roman Reigns would be the best part of a segment? Her punishments made absolutely no sense. Do you think Dean Ambrose cares if he faces Sheamus inside a steel cage? The guy is suppose to be a lunatic! She didn’t even punish Roman, which made zero sense. Bad way to start RAW after a good finish last week.

-Even after losing the IC Title, I still think Kevin Owens is in line for a big match come Wrestlemania time. They’ve been giving him a lot of clean wins as of late. If it isn’t to fight Brock Lesnar, I think Owens would be my darkhorse candidate to win the Rumble. They need a strong heel to build up. And I would rather see Owens get a shot than see Bray Wyatt get built up again.

-That tiny speech by Seth Rollins makes me think he is almost guaranteed to come back as a face. He received a good reaction when he came out. By the summer the fans will be begging for Rollins to comeback and I think, if done right, his return could be as good as Triple H’s massive return from injury in 2002.

-Not getting actual entrances because of the Slammys is just stupid. It makes the match look absolutely secondary and an afterthought. The Slammys Show as a whole just doesn’t have a good flow to it. I feel really bad for anyone who attends these shows because it seems like a big jumbled mess, and it can’t be fun to do. Not only that, but when a part timer wins and aren’t there, it frustrates the fans in attendance.

-Still not sure what the point of the League of Nations is. Why is Sheamus so happy after just losing the WWE Championship? Shouldn’t he be furious and demanding a rematch for his Title? I mean, it seems somewhat obvious that the WWE is setting up a League of Nations vs John Cena feud. And I’m going to laugh if it does happen when Cena runs through all of them.

-Well, guess I was a bit too early on that one. The League of Nations gets taken out by Roman Reigns before they get a chance to be taken out by John Cena. It only took one week for them to be turned into jobbers after Sheamus lost the WWE Title. But it once again shows that the WWE is lacking heels at the top of their card, and that is why I think Kevin Owens is ready to take the leap up.

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