JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 12.28.15

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-You can criticize his booking decisions all you want. But Vince McMahon the on-screen character is still great to this day. He knows exactly the right way to make things entertaining. For me, he did just enough to make the opening decent. Stephanie McMahon always has to find a way to get herself over and make her adversary look weak. Vince has no problem making himself look awful, and he often does it the right way.

-If the WWE doesn’t give Kevin Owens a big match at Wrestlemania than something is seriously wrong with them. Owens has easily been the best performer in the WWE over the last month. And to me, it isn’t even close. Owens is the best heel in the WWE at the moment and I sense either a Rumble win or a big match against Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker is on the horizon.

-This Brooklyn crowd is just awful and are doing a terrible job trying to be cool. You chant “We Want Sasha” all the time then have the nerve to chant boring during her match? Just stop already. I’ve always had a problem with smart crowds trying to get themselves over and this doesn’t help matters.

-Oh good, Big Show is here to tell us that he is in the Royal Rumble and is going to win it! Who will throw him over the top rope??? I’m assuming he is going to be one of the favorites to win the Rumble. I still can’t believe he eliminated himself in 2004 and there was no winner.

-That Sin Cara mask is cursed I tell ya.

-I find it kind of interesting that at the end of RAW, John Cena’s return is completely over shadowed by Vince McMahon and Roman Reigns. At least the WWE is setting up a big match a full week in advance. Also, the League of Nations is one of the worst stables to come along in quite some time. They seem to always get taken out and I can’t remember one time where they looked good.

-Starting this week I plan to get back into a normal writing mode. The holiday period slowed me down a little.

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