JC’s Top Rope Report: Random RAW Thoughts For 1.4.16

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-Well at least they finally fully completed the Charlotte heel turn in time for Wrestlemania season. I’m assuming we will get Charlotte/Becky Lynch at the Rumble and possibly Fastlane. Right now the only real face on the Divas side is Becky Lynch. It HAS to be Sasha/Charlotte at Mania. I don’t want to see them go back to the Nikki Bella well again. Even though Brooklyn was a bunch of idiots last week, Sasha is still the woman most of us want to see win the Title next.

-So is the WWE trying to prop up the Wyatt Family for a big match at Wrestlemania, only for them to lose again? I mean first of all thank you for interrupting a Big Show/Ryback match. But I don’t get why anyone would buy them as a serious threat anymore. Unless you are going all in on them and giving Bray the WWE Title, it makes no sense. Now that I’m watching 97 Nitro on the Network, it kills me every time I see Raven and The Flock that Bray and the Wyatt Family isn’t more like them.

-You know what, I’m perfectly fine with this new Social Outcasts group of Heath Slater, Bo Dallas, Adam Rose and Curtis Axel. It gives these guys a meaning now and at least somewhat of a direction on TV. Sure they could be the new JOB Squad and lose every match from here on out. But they at least have a defined role, and it’s better than what they have been doing the last couple months: nothing.

-Chris Jericho returned and it just doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore. I thought it was a pretty weak promo, especially when you consider he was trading jabs with New Day. Jericho just seemed to go through all of his catchphrases and that was it. I would’ve preferred to see him come back as a heel and feud with Dean Ambrose leading into a match at Wrestlemania. Jericho still has something to bring to the table, but I’d much rather see it as a heel than a face.

-Not sure how I feel about the Royal Rumble being for the WWE Title. It does allow you to get to Reigns/HHH if you want and have Reigns drop the Title. But it also takes away the whole mystique of the winner main eventing Wrestlemania. And if Reigns wins the Rumble, there is going to be a major shit storm of people bitching about it, right as people were finally getting behind him. Should be an interesting couple weeks ahead.

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