John Cena Needs Shoulder Surgery: What This Means For Wrestlemania

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Late last night, news broke (via PWInsider) that John Cena needs shoulder surgery and would miss Wrestlemania. The reported injury was a torn rotator cuff. After that news broke, the WWE on their site confirmed that Cena needed shoulder surgery. Cena also confirmed it via Twitter. Neither of those specified what kind of shoulder surgery Cena officially needs.

This is just another blow to an already injury depleted Wrestlemania 32 card. The biggest show of the year will now be lacking Cena, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Cesaro, and presumably Daniel Bryan. That is unless the WWE magically clears Daniel Bryan in the next few weeks. If I’m the WWE I’m putting Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker in bubble wrap and not letting them do a single thing until Mania.

As far as Cena’s match goes, no one really knows who Cena was set to face. I had my heart set on Cena/Undertaker finally happening this year. That may not have happened, but it is one of the last matches left that hasn’t taken place on the Wrestlemania stage. And as I said yesterday, with how the Rumble has changed since RAW, I could have easily seen a scenario where Taker wins the Rumble and Cena challenges him at Mania. The only other match I could have seen Cena in would have been a WWE Title match against Roman Reigns.

Now the WWE has no choice but to lean on their current crop of new stars to build this year’s Wrestlemania. If only they had done a better job of building all of these people up over the last year or so! I think it is now an almost 100% certainty that Kevin Owens is getting either The Undertaker or Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania. Out of all the main roster talent available, he is the most ready to step in and deliver. Dean Ambrose is someone else who could step up. I had Ambrose fighting Brock Lesnar in my last set of predictions. Although after RAW I gave some thought to an Ambrose/Jericho IC Title match. If you are looking for two guys to step up, Owens and Ambrose are first on your list.

Then there is NXT. This may be the time to call up Finn Balor to the main roster. Can you imagine the dueling entrances of Balor and Taker if they were to go one-on-one. Samoa Joe could be called up as well but I’m not sure that would happen. If there is a NXT call-up, it’s either Balor or no one.

And it is also probably a good thing that the WWE has some New Japan talent coming in very soon. AJ Styles is almost assured to be with the WWE by the Royal Rumble, with Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson likely to follow. You know Styles and Nakamura would have no problem handling a big match at Wrestlemania. But could the WWE get the audience behind them enough to care going into the show?

Of course, with Cena’s healing powers, he could be back in the next month. All I know is that Wrestlemania season continues to get more and more intriguing. You never want to see anyone get injured, but now is the time for the WWE to make new stars out of a bad situation.

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