JC’s Top Rope Report: 5 Thoughts On WWE Smackdown 1.21.16

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1. I don’t care who wins the Tag Titles on Sunday; I DON’T want to see New Day and The Usos wrestle each other again for at least another 9 months. It’s not that their matches are bad. But they could basically do every move they are doing to each other in their sleep at this point. There’s just no fun to any of their matches anymore. But with the state of the tag team division in the WWE, I could see these two teams wrestling all the way to Wrestlemania.

2. Sooner or later Ric Flair has to be taken off TV. The WWE has done their job of making Charlotte a heel with him by her side. But the audience needs to start booing Charlotte on their own and not with the help of Ric Flair’s antics. If Ric sticks with Charlotte on TV, it will be more of a detriment to her in the long run.

3. I’ve been down on Dean Ambrose the last few months and as much as I am looking forward to the Last Man Standing Match this Sunday, I think Ambrose needs a change. I’m not sure if it is a heel turn, but he has been in a funk the last month or two. But if he loses the Intercontinental Championship Sunday, where does that leave him for Wrestlemania? You want him in a big singles match but I can’t see it happening at this point.

4. The League of Nations are the biggest goobers the WWE has as a faction right now. At this point I would take the Social Outcasts as more of a threat than them. I think they looked like a threat for all of one week. Then they have been beaten up constantly by Roman Reigns and various others. There is pretty much nothing that can be done to save them at this point.

5. Now I’m even less skeptical of Bray Wyatt winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday. That is two straight shows where the Wyatts have looked strong to close it out. Very rarely does that lead to success leading into a PPV on Sunday. I think they will have a strong showing but won’t come out winners on Sunday. Or, what the typical Wyatt Family booking has been like since they started getting put into big feuds.

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