Nikki Bella To Undergo Neck Surgery This Week

As first reported by E! Online, Nikki Bella is set to undergo neck surgery this week. We have rarely seen Nikki on TV in recent weeks. We saw her at the Slammy Awards accepting the Diva of the Year Award. But Nikki has not wrestled on TV since late October. In an interview with, Nikki opened up about her injury.

“I have a pretty badly herniated disc in my C-6 and C-7. And, on Wednesday, I will be getting surgery. We are hoping that a bone fusion will fix this injury, which makes mine a little more complicated than others [because] a piece of my disc is behind my vertebrae. We are hoping we can go around the vertebrae and fish it out, but we won’t know until I’m out of surgery on Wednesday.”

You can read the full interview here: Nikki Bella Interview

JC’s Take: Nikki Bella may not be Charlotte, Sasha Banks, or Becky Lynch, but there is no denying that she has improved tremendously in the ring over the last couple years. I’ve openly criticized her a number of times, especially after her “Wins, losses, who cares” promo on RAW, but she became a valuable asset to the Divas Division in 2015.

Neck injuries are always tricky. Even if she does recover fully and can get back in the ring, it will be a difficult road to recovery. I’m sure her recovery will be a major storyline on Total Divas. Nikki is the face of Team Bella and without her they lack a major identity. That is how big of a star she has become. Nikki Bella wouldn’t look out of place in the current Divas Division, and she has more than earned her place in it if she is able to comeback.