10 Thoughts: WWE RAW 1.25.16 (Triple H, AJ Styles, Roman Reigns, The Rock)

10 Thoughts - RAW Logo


  1. Decent promo out of Triple H to open the show. Listen, I’m just as annoyed that Triple H is the WWE Champion in 2016 just as much as the next guy. But his title win did make STORYLINE sense. No I don’t think Roman Reigns versus Triple H needs the title to headline WrestleMania but that’s the hand we’ve been dealt. The good thing about WrestleMania is that there’s usually at least ONE other match to get excited about if it’s not the main event.
  2. Another good showing for Dolph and Owens. It makes me wonder if Ziggler will ever get higher on the card than he is right now due to him being so injury prone. The best time to go all in on him was the night after WrestleMania 29 when he cashed in Money In The Bank for the World Heavyweight Championship. Unfortunately a concussion knocked him out of action before every defending the title. I would love to see him accomplish something else but the outlook is doubtful.
  3. AJ Styles vs Chris Jericho would be a dream match 5 years ago. Now it’s intriguing & fun but not as exciting as it could’ve been. Jericho looked downright slow in the ring with AJ and I just feel we could see a much more athletic and exciting series of matches against someone else.
  4. So I guess we’re getting Charlotte/Becky/Sasha as a triple threat at Fastlane and then probably Charlotte versus Sasha at WrestleMania. Not only do I think that’s the best option for this year’s ‘Mania but I’d expect a Snoop Dogg performance for Sasha’s entrance since they’re cousins. In ring though, I cannot wait for Bayley to debut. I just feel like these three need a woman with her style to balance out everyone.
  5. Even though it’s predictable, The Rock is still always entertaining. I would have liked to know for certain if he was wrestling at WrestleMania or just making an appearance but for RAW that was fun.
  6. Another good showing on RAW from Kalisto. I’m glad he’s the United States champion as this should give him a decent spotlight every week. The US title could easily turn into a good mid-card title as long as the champion is seen as a fighting champion. The fact that Kalisto will probably always be considered the underdog due to his size will help the crowd rally around him.
  7. So it’s main event time and I’m only up to Thought #7. While I don’t think this episode of RAW has been bad, that’s not usually a good sign. And yes, some people may think this was a way to pad the article in the hopes of hitting all 10 thoughts and those people would be right.
  8. As much as of work it is, you have to give Dean Ambrose credit. The Last Man Standing match & the Royal Rumble last night had to leave its mark on Ambrose and yet he’s still out there taking on most of the main event.
  9. Well during the match and how last night played out, I had an inkling that they may pit Ambrose versus Reigns at Fastlane but the addition of Brock Lesnar was a very nice touch. Of course I fully expect the Wyatt Family to take Lesnar out in that match but it’s still a nice wrinkle to the last event before WrestleMania 32.
  10. All in all a good night of wrestling but not much storyline progression. It honestly feels like they may have pumped the breaks because of all the recent injuries and cannot afford another one. I just hope they don’t become complacent though or this is going to be a long road to WrestleMania.