Lucha Underground Review For 2.3.16: Season 2, Episode 2

lucha underground

-We start the show with Pentagon Jr and Prince Puma backstage. Pentagon thanks Puma for his help, and after they team up tonight, he will break Puma’s arm. They have a movie style fight which ends with Puma staring down Pentagon and walking away. Vampiro tells Matt Striker that he didn’t tell Pentagon to break Mil Muertes arm.

Johnny Mundo vs Killshot

-Killshot goes for the moonsault from the mat to the outside, but not even edited camera work could save it from being obvious that he barely connected on it.

-One of the biggest problems Johnny Mundo/Nitro/Morrison has had is that his offense just doesn’t look believable at all. It starts with the C4 then goes to Starship Pain/End of the World. It’s bad.

-Mundo goes into the referee. While he’s down, Mundo catches Killshot with a kick between the legs. He follows it up with a springboard enziguri and the End of the World for the win.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo- Clunky match. Both guys seemed off in it.

-After the match Mundo calls out Mil Muertes. He says the earthquake he experienced when he was a kid is nothing compared to what the End of the World would feel like. If that referenced Mundo’s finisher, Muertes should have just laughed his off.

-Cage interrupts. He tells Mundo that he’s the real threat to Muertes, because HE’S A MACHINE. Cage challenges him to a fight right now. Mundo leaves, but tries to sneak attack Cage. Cage has none of it and takes him down before Mundo escapes. They are sooo trying to turn Cage into cool Batista.

-We cut to Sexy Star, who is now behind held prisoner in Marty the Moth’s house. No sign of his sister, but she’s apparently coming back to the Temple with her and Marty. Marty is also dressed like Kerwin White.

-Vignette airs for the “Darewolf” PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel). He fears nothing. Hopefully he doesn’t leave a taping of LU early.

The Mack vs PJ Black

-Melissa Santos is hot, so she can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. But her ring announcing isn’t great. Over emphasizes things way too much.

-The Mack does a Samoan Drop. But he isn’t Samoan. IS THAT LEGAL???

-This match has been about 90% slaps and kicks five minutes into it. I’m not entertained.

-Black goes for a springboard kick, but Mack catches him with a sloppy stunner for the win.

WINNER: The Mack- That was actually worse than the previous match. Just no chemistry between these two. I don’t think their styles meshed that well.

-Vignette for a new female wrestler: Kobra Moon.

The Disciples of Death vs Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr.

-Pentagon Jr. is the basically LU’s version of Stone Cold Steve Austin. He’s this badass that does what he wants, but he’s so cool doing it that the fans cheer him.

-I like the touch of Vampiro saying he went through therapy to get over everything that happened with Pentagon.

-We are five minutes into this match and the Disciples of Death have DOMINATED this match outside of a brief 20 second window of Pentagon Jr. offense.

-Pentagon and Puma finally get some offense in. Puma hits the 630, but Pentagon tags himself in to score the pin. After the match, Pentagon tries to break Puma’s arm but Puma escapes.

WINNERS: Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr.- Okay match. The heels dominated for way too long and looked weak succumbing to Puma and Pentagon that quickly.

-The show ends with Rey Mysterio talking to the person who took the Dragon Azteca mask at the end of last season.

OVERALL: Probably one of the weaker episodes of Lucha Underground that I can remember. The first two matches were subpar for LU standards and the main event tag was just okay. I think the problem was the mis-match of styles in the first couple matches.

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