Lucha Undergound: Season 2, Episode 3 Review


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-My apologies for the delay in getting this up. 1. I was out of town until this morning. 2. It was hell trying to find this episode online.

Bengala vs Kobra Moon

-Kobra Moon is the newest female wrestler in LU. Her pre-match antics are a combination of Randy Orton, Tyler Breeze and Goldust.

-This match is moving about as quickly as me when I walk into work.

-Kobra Moon wins with the Dragon Sleeper. That was not very impressive.

-Aerostar shoots into the heavens to go get the gods of the tribes. Apparently, they are needed to stop a war between the seven tribes. Is Aerostar time traveling? Because that would be sweet.

-Catrina makes a match between King Cuerno and Fenix: Last Luchador Standing

Jack Evans vs Drago

-Drago’s mask is probably my favorite mask in all of LU. Mostly, it’s because it looks like it is his actual face. It is really well done.

-LU is using some piped in crowd cheers. It isn’t as bad as Smackdown, but they are clear. When there are loud boos and it is obvious no one in the crowd is booing, it looks kind of bad.

-I’m surprised how mat-based this match has been so far. Evans especially is known for his high flying and we haven’t seen any of it yet.

-A couple of nearfalls are exchanged, and the match ends with Evans pinning Drago with his feet on the ropes. After the match, Evans takes the mic from Melissa Santos and announces himself as the winner.

WINNER: Jack Evans- I’ve come to expect better from these two. The match didn’t live up to what it could have been. Very mat-based and never really got into second or third gear.

-Texano returns next week, looking for revenge on Chavo Guerrero Jr and Blue Demon. He then beats up some dudes in a bar and continues to drink after.

-Pentagon Jr vs Prince Puma next week. Sounds good to me.

Last Luchador Standing: King Cuerno vs Fenix

-This match isn’t for the Gift of the Gods Title. Also, the referees in LU count just as slow as the refs in the WWE.

-Cuerno tosses Fenix into some seats. Imagine paying money for those seats and having Fenix come flying at you.

-Cuerno is dominating the early part of this match. He tosses Fenix into the wall and then hits a hard clothesline on the floor.

-Fenix starts a comeback but Cuerno catches him with an enzigrui kick on the apron then his dive to the outside.

-Cuerno finds a ladder on the outside and takes it right to the head of Fenix.

-Cuerno finds a table but Fenix blocks a German suplex attempt. Both men climb the ladder set up next to Dario Cueto’s old office. Fenix gets to the top then pushes Cuerno and the ladder to the ground and through the table. Cuerno fails to answer the count.

WINNER: Fenix- Solid match between both. These guys have good chemistry with each other. I’m glad they didn’t go through with so many big spots and saved the really big spot until the end. Good way to finish a lackluster show.

-We cut to Cortez in a police station. Apparently, he is really an undercover cop! Oh man, this is awesome. The Lieutenant wants answers on where he is with Dario Cueto. She says Cortez is in too deep, so he needs a partner. In comes Cop Joey Ryan (we never get his cop name). The Lieutenant says they have to pretend to not know each other. She says their mission isn’t Chavo Guerrero or Blue Demon, it is bringing down Dario Cueto.

OVERALL: Good match between Fenix and Cuerno. The Evans/Drago match was just there and the debut of Kobra Moon fell pretty flat. I hope they don’t have anything too serious planned for her because I don’t think she is ready for it. Overall, better than last week. And I love the undercover cop angle to end the show.

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