Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 4 Review

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-Nice new banner huh? Thanks to my fellow writer Joe O’Brien for that.

-Ivelisse is in Catrina’s office. She wants a match against the Disciples of Death for the Trios Title. Catrina says no automatic rematches, and there’s another trios team they have to face tonight.

Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico vs Chavo Guerrero and The Crew (Castro and Cisco)


-How can we root against Cortez Castro now knowing what his real purpose is there?

-Triple dive spot to the outside, except Angelico goes right over Castro. He finishes him off in the ring with a kick to the head and the double stomp off the top for the win.

-After the match, Chavo yells at the Crew. Texano comes in to get Chavo but he bails.

WINNERS: Son of Havoc, Ivelisse and Angelico- Basic match but still good. Chavo and The Crew continue to be treated as the jobbers of the roster which is somewhat fine with me.

-Joey Ryan tells Castro that he has always been a better cop than him. And if they want people to believe they are luchadors, he needs to step up his game.

Joey Ryan vs Cage

-Uh oh Joey Ryan in LU? This might give Jim Cornette an aneurysm.

-I’m still surprised Cage never made it in the WWE. He seems like Vince McMahon’s wet dream. Although I’m still not sold that he can pass wellness test.

-Superkicks are the new punches in wrestling. You can’t go one match nowadays without seeing five of them.

-Cage hits a powerbomb on the knee and follows it up with a modified Steiner Screwdriver for the win.

-After the match Johnny Mundo tries to attack Cage. Cage stops Mundo from hitting the End of the World then hits Weapon X on Mundo.

WINNER: Cage- Good debut from Ryan and another good match here. Ryan’s antics will fit in perfectly on LU and the cop story will also be a nice side story for the viewer.

-They show Rey Mysterio training the man with the Dragon Azteca mask again. Apparently Dario let a dark god come into his brother’s body.

Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr

-Basic back and forth until Pentagon catches Puma with a dropkick mid-air.

-Now there is an exchange of Flair chops, which is second to only superkicks in wrestling nowadays.

-Puma hits a northern lights suplex then bridges right into a regular suplex. Good spot.

-Pentagon blocks the splash, then hits the package piledriver and goes into a surfboard submission. Both men’s shoulders end up down, but Puma lifts his at two to pick up the win.

-Pentagon tries to attack Puma after the match but Puma catches him with a superkick. Puma goes to break Pentagon’s arm but doesn’t.

WINNER: Prince Puma- The crowd wasn’t happy with the finish. I would like to see these two get more time in the future.

Sexy Star is seen running backstage. The Mack stops her and ask who did this to her. She says Moth, but then points to someone else behind Mack and says “her.”

OVERALL- Good episode. But there still hasn’t been any standout matches or moments like we saw in the first few episodes of LU last year. Waiting for that breakout moment for the show this year. I thought Puma/Pentagon might be it, but it was just a basic good TV match.

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