2016 WWE Fastlane Results

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Justin C here. I’ll be bringing you the results of Fastlane here as they happen.

Kalisto defeats Alberto del Rio in a Two Out Of Three Falls Match To Retain The United States Championship

-Good opener. Definitely better than their Royal Rumble match. Del Rio won the first fall via DQ. The announcers questioned why Del Rio did that which they should have known. To win the second fall, Del Rio hit a quick version of his double stomp which looked better than his normal one. Del Rio hit another one on the outside, where Kalisto’s head hit the floor rather hard. Kalisto won the Third Fall with a roll up. The finish was a bit clunky because as I said, Kalisto might have a concussion. But it was good match that was a definite improvement over the Royal Rumble.

Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch Defeat Naomi and Tamina

-My Network connection was acting REALLY shitty during that match. I caught a good portion of it and from what I saw everything was passable. The crowd is still firmly behind Sasha and if they do anything other than put the Divas Title on Sasha at Wrestlemania then the WWE is really stupid.

Kevin Owens Defeats Dolph Ziggler to Retain The Intercontinental Championship

-Take the matches that these two have had over the last month and amplify it a notch or two and that’s what we have here. Very good match with Ziggler getting in some solid nearfall attempts. Ziggler is the guy that can get people to buy in to his nearfall attempts. Owens continues to be a solid worker, and sooner or later the WWE has to get over his look and push him as the star that he is. I’m fully expecting Owens/Styles at Mania so the result doesn’t surprise me. Good action and nearfalls throughout. Strong start to the show.

Kane, Big Show and Ryback Defeat The Wyatt Family

-That match wasn’t bad. They kept the action moving throughout and it actually felt like it never slowed down. Although it looks like Ryback injured Luke Harper at the end when he dropped Harper on his shoulder. I’m surprised to see the faces win here. This actually makes me think the Wyatts aren’t interfering later in the night. For what was suppose to be the worst match of the night, it was passable.

Charlotte Defeats Brie Bella To Retain The Divas Title

-And I just had to jinx it. That match was bad, especially the ending. They went from an awkward half-crab to Brie’s leg “giving out” when she tried to adjust, then Charlotte putting on the Figure Eight for the win. Why was Brie trying to adjust when she had good position? And the fact that the WWE was trying to get Daniel Bryan YES chants going for her was bad as well. Brie has never been the best wrestler, so the bad match should’ve been expected.

AJ Styles Defeats Chris Jericho

-Probably my match of the night so far. There were a few clunky spots in it, but the two brought their A game. Jericho moved around much better compared to their first two outings. I’m not a fan of Jericho kicking out of the Styles Clash. They treated it as such a big move early on. Now it looks like the Calf Crusher is his new finisher. As I said above, I’m guessing it is Styles/Owens at Mania. Styles continues to show that he belongs and the crowd stuck behind him. I know there were dueling chants, but by the end of the match the crowd was booing Jericho and behind AJ.

The Cutting Edge Peep Show

-Wow that was bad. Edge drops some one-liners. New Day makes fun of League of Nations, League of Jobbers (minus Rusev) comes out, and E&C plug their show at the end. What a wasted opportunity for a debut of Enzo and Cass there. The crowd wanted it, and they ended up disappointed.

Curtis Axel Defeats R-Truth

-YOU WANT ENZO AND CASS??? HAHA, WELL YOU GET THIS INSTEAD! Goldust accidentally cost Truth the match and Truth was upset after. Moving on.

Roman Reigns Defeats Dean Ambrose and Triple H to Become the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship

-As I said in the preview: I was hoping for something unexpected, but in the end, the WWE went with the predictable and awful route. Brock dominated the first part of the match with German suplexes. Then Roman and Dean teamed up to put Brock through the announce table. They fought for a bit, Brock came back, then went through another announce table. More fighting between the brothers. Brock comes back, Kimura Lock applied to Lesnar. Ambrose hits both men with multiple chair shots. And after Lesnar gets knocked out of the ring, Reigns comes back with a Spear for the win, after taking multiple chair shots mere seconds earlier. Triple H comes out to staredown Reigns, and the sounds of silence ensue.

Sorry WWE, but force feeding us Roman Reigns isn’t going to make us like him. Your main event of Wrestlemania probably won’t even get booed, people will just sit there in silence. People don’t want HHH as WWE Champion, and they certainly don’t want Reigns to be the one to take it off him. Not only that, but the fact that Reigns was even in a match for the Title after the Authority did everything to get the Title off him makes no sense. This is getting really frustrating for someone who is a long time fan like myself.

OVERALL: The show had a couple good matches in the US Title Match and AJ/Y2J, along with Owens/Ziggler. Everything else was passable outside of the Divas Title. The last hour of the show left a really bad taste in my mouth. The WWE used to be about unpredictability, and now it isn’t even close to that. The WWE’s main demographic is rejecting your main event at Wretlemania again, but the WWE is just covering their ears to it. If I had to rate the show, I’d give it a 4/10.

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