Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 5 Review

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Jack Evans vs PJ Black

-Evans takes the mic from Melissa Santos and introduces himself. Sorry Jack, I know Melissa has her flaws, but she’s much nicer to look at when she does the announcing.

-Thank god these two have different colored wrestling gear on. I can barely tell the difference between them.

-I’m not a fan of Jack Evans over-selling facial expressions. It’s one thing to sell, it’s another to look goofy while doing it.

-Oh look there’s Drago in a crazy Lucifer like mask. Evans goes out to confront him. Eventually Drago makes his way to the ring. But Evans ducks a mist spot by Drago and he gets Black. Evans picks up the win.

WINNER: Jack Evans- Too short to really amount to anything outside of continuing the Drago/Evans story. Black hasn’t impressed me much in these first two matches of LU. And that is now two losses for him so far.

-A Famous B spot interrupts a Johnny Mundo workout package. He can apparently turn you from a jobber to a robber!

King Cuerno vs Killshot

-Matt Striker questions why Cuerno hasn’t had to defend the Gift of the Gods Title. I’m assuming that is the deal Catrina and him made.

-Both men exchange a handful of kick shots early on. Killshot drops Cuerno somewhat weakly on the apron. It really didn’t look that well executed.

-Killshot sounds like he is cracking a kendo stick every time he lands a kick. It sounds somewhat ridiculous.

-Cuerno hits the Thrill of the Hunt for the win. Cuerno goes for more damage after, but Fenix stops it.

WINNER: King Cuerno- Killshot has been treated as nothing but a jobber on LU so the result isn’t too surprising. He gets a couple of hope spots in but that’s about it. Cuerno continues to stand out this season as the focal point of the show so far, along with Fenix.

Gauntlet Match: Texano vs Chavo Guerrero and The Crew

-Chavo sends in Mr. Cisco and gives him instructions, and he turns right into a superkick from Texano and gets pinned.

-It’s weird watching Cortez fight Texano knowing the backstory with him now.

-Cortez gets pinned by a pop-up powerbomb. Come on, did you really think The Crew was going to get a pinfall there.

-Woah woah woah, did Matt Striker just say that at one point Chavo Guerrero was one of the best wrestlers in the world? What alternative universe did this take place in?

-Texano goes to suplex Chavo into the ring from the apron, but Cortez pulls down Texano’s legs with the bull rope and holds them down to give Chavo the win.

WINNERS: Chavo Guerrero and The Crew- It’s a good thing the ref was out of camera shot, because there is no way the ref didn’t see that happen. More basic action here with this feud continuing on it seems.

-375 miles from Boyle Heights, Dario Cueto tells Black Lotus how his mother used to beat him and his brother Matanza. Until Matanza got his hands on Dario’s red bull statue and beat her with it. Dario says that on that day, he learned how much he loved violence.

-Pentagon Jr finds Catrina. He tells her he wants a match with Prince Puma. Catrina asks why she should give him anything after what he did to Mil. Pentagon and Catrina exchange moves, and Pentagon has her in the armbreaker, but Catrina does her mystery escape away. Catrina gives him the match, but says putting his hands on her was the biggest mistake of his life.

Johnny Mundo vs Cage

-Cage’s theme music is the perfect fit for him. It just screams badass while he walks to the ring.

-In any other wrestling promotion I would probably hate Johnny Mundo. But he fits in so well here. He hits a double springboard corkscrew dive to the outside onto Cage.

-“The warranty may be running out on this machine.” OK, I got a chuckle out of that one. Good job Matt Striker,

-The announcers do a good job of pointing out that Mundo is in better ring shape, and his offense is wearing down Cage to the point where he is out of breath.

-Cage moves out of the way of the End of the World. He hits a clothesline and Weapon X, but a woman comes down to the ring and leaves a lead pipe on one end, then distracts the ref at the other. Mundo hits Cage with the pipe to pick up the win. After the match Mundo and the women, apparently called Taya, attack Cage.

WINNER: Johnny Mundo- Mundo gets the win while Cage is protected in defeat. It’s funny how Melina was dropped right away after last season.

-King Cuerno goes into Catrina’s office and wants his Title match next week. Catrina says he already has a match, against Fenix. And it’s a ladder match for the Gift of the Gods Title.

OVERALL: Again, not a bad episode, but not the standout that I’ve been waiting for from this season. Of course, with Pentagon/Puma and Cuerno/Fenix next week, it should be the best episode of the season. I liked the backstory of Cueto. While everyone else has some sort of weird power (which isn’t bad), he is just a money hungry owner who loves violence as well.

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