WWE RAW 2.29.16: News & Notes

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-Dean Ambrose interrupted Triple H to start the show and challenged him to a WWE Title match. Later in the night, Ambrose fought Alberto del Rio. Triple H came down during the match. After an attack from the League of Nations, Ambrose tried fighting back against HHH but ate a Pedigree. HHH said he has his match, Ambrose said “Thanks,” and HHH proceeded to beat up Ambrose some more.

JC’s Take: In the span of one show, Dean Ambrose got a better response against Triple H than Roman Reigns has or ever will against HHH. Seeing this mini feud sucks because it shows what might have been at Wrestlemania. Sure, HHH got some heel heat back here. But the second Reigns comes back, he’s getting booed no matter what. Trying to transfer Dean’s heat to Roman won’t work. The fans WANT to see Dean succeed. They don’t want Roman too. I’m assuming this match takes place at the Network Special on Saturday March 12th.

-The Undertaker appeared, grabbed Vince McMahon by the throat, and said the blood of Shane will be on Vince’s hands. Taker then left, and Vince said he is going to write Shane out of his will and that Shane will no longer be his son, just a son of a bitch.

JC’s Take: Wow, talk about a let down of a segment. There continues to be no logic in the use of The Undertaker in this storyline. And the way this is all setting up, it really feels like Shane might win at Wrestlemania. And unless there are MAJOR shenanigans, it doesn’t look right. This angle is the definition of lazy. It’s like the writers are just throwing shit at the wall and hoping something sticks.

-Chris Jericho and AJ Styles defeated New Day in a non-title match. Team Y2AJ then challenged New Day to a Title match next week.

JC’s Take: I’m assuming Jericho turns on AJ Styles here. The second the match was announced for next week I got that feeling. I’m glad they didn’t make it for Wrestlemania. Two popular acts like this need to be in separate matches.

-Sasha Banks vs Becky Lynch ended in a draw, as both women’s shoulders hit the mat and the ref counted them both down. A rematch was made for Smackdown.

JC’s Take: The general thought was that this was going to a Triple Threat Match at Wrestlemania with Charlotte involved and now it all makes sense. This match was good, and I think the Triple Threat Match will be good as well if they give it the proper time.

-Stephanie McMahon cut a pretty good promo on Shane. I’d check it out if you get the opportunity.

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