Could A Shake Up At WWE Roadblock Save Wrestlemania?

With Roman Reigns “on the shelf” for a couple weeks after nasal surgery, the WWE decided to have Triple H defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Dean Ambrose at WWE Roadblock. Sure, it is only a WWE Network special. But is it at all possible that the WWE is considering making a major change to Wrestlemania 32?

When RAW came to a close on Monday, we received a glimpse of what could have been at Wrestlemania. A crowd, firmly behind a top babyface in Dean Ambrose, wanted to see him take down Triple H. Yes, those were actual cheers Dean Ambrose received when he was fighting back against Triple H. Those weren’t piped in cheers like on Smackdown. It’s something the top faces in the WWE have been lacking lately. And those were also real boos Triple H was getting, not the piped in boos on Smackdown that made it sound like crowds from the Attitude Era were back.

First let me say that I don’t think the WWE is changing plans to Wrestlemania 32. For some reason unknown to 80% of the WWE’s fan base, they are sticking with Triple H vs Roman Reigns for the WWE Title. But the way the WWE booked Reigns over the last two years, his run as the top guy in the WWE was over before it started. If it were up to me, I would have had Ambrose win at Fastlane. I would have gone with Reigns vs Brock Lesnar. Let those two beat each other up while they fended off Ambrose’s attacks. Eventually, Ambrose fights back and scores a huge upset win. As was evident on RAW, Ambrose has the crowd’s support and they are willing to get behind him.

So despite everything that has happened, it really makes me wonder if something in the booking plans has changed over the last week. Did the WWE come to the realization that Roman Reigns is bound to get booed even worse this year than last year? Have they realized how over Ambrose is? Do they want the crowd cheering at the end of the show? Maybe it is all over thinking, but it could be possible that plans changed.

What would that leave as the top matches of Wrestlemania? Well, the WWE could combine Ambrose/Lesnar and Triple H/Reigns into a Fatal 4 Way match. They could redo Wrestlemania 30, and turn HHH/Reigns into a match where the winner gets into the WWE Title match between Ambrose and Lesnar at the end of the night. If you really want to make Dean Ambrose the ultimate underdog, have him fight Lesnar early in the night then the winner of that match gets added to HHH/Reigns. There are a handful of scenarios at play if the WWE wants to take the risk.

In all honesty, the WWE really needs a big shake-up to their Wrestlemania 32 plans and this is the perfect opportunity. No one wants to see Reigns/HHH in its current state. Shane McMahon/The Undertaker is the laziest thrown together story they have done for a big match at Wrestlemania in recent memory. When the best booked story at the moment is the women’s division, I think you have a problem (although I’ve enjoyed the entire story between Charlotte/Sasha/Becky).

So while this was a nice trip down fantasy booking lane, I doubt anything mentioned above will happen. And we will get exactly what we are expecting: HHH defeats Ambrose, League of Nations beatdown after, Roman Reigns makes the save to a handful of boos, the WWE wonders why Reigns is still getting booed, and Reigns wins the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and is booed for years to come.

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