Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 6 Review

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-Mil Muertes is upset with Catrina for not letting him fight Puma and Pentagon. This is one of those scenarios where they shouldn’t have let Mil talk. He, umm, does not sounds like his character is supposed to be.

Sexy Star vs Kobra Moon

-Willie Mack shows up at ringside to root on Sexy Star.

-Kobra Moon dominates the first half of the match. But I’m just not into a lot of her offense and mannerisms in the ring.

-Sexy Star starts a comeback, but Marty the Moth shows up in the crowd. He distracts Sexy Star, and allows Kobra Moon to apply the Dragon Sleeper for the win.

WINNER: Kobra Moon- I’m not digging this Kobra Moon character. She just moves around way too awkwardly for me and doesn’t look believable at all.

-Another Famous B promo. This is what I like about LU, this guy was a jobber last year and now he’s interesting.

-Rey Mysterio continues his training of the new Dragon Azteca.

Prince Puma vs Pentagon Jr.

-Poor Puma. He’s the classic babyface, but Penatgon is that badass everyone loves.

-Really good spot where Puma goes for a springboard off the ropes but Pentagon catches him while upside down with a dropkick.

-Pentagon hits a Mexican Destroyer which looked really good but only gets a 2.

-Mil Muertes makes his way down to the ring. He takes out both men and ends it with a double flatliner on both men causing a double DQ I presume.

-Mil says next week he will defend his Title against Pentagon and Puma. Matt Striker says in 3 weeks there will be an Aztec Warfare match, with the winner becoming the #1 contender. There was a good amount of people who thought that was the best match lasst year. It’s in my Top 10, but not as high as others.

Ladder Match for the Gifts of the Gods Championship: King Cuerno (c) vs Fenix

-Some people have resting bitch face. Unfortunately for Fenix, he has resting duck face.

-The first five minutes have been really slow. I think they hit all of three moves/spots during this time.

-Fenix does a swanton from the top of an office (not Dario’s/Catrina’s) over a ladder onto Cuerno at the bottom.

-Both men start fighting through the crowd. Cuerno ends up pushing Fenix off the railing onto a ladder set up against the ring. It looked like the ladder was suppose to give more than it did.

-They make their way back into the ring. They both hang from the support where the belt is then fall. That was weird.

-Cuerno introduces a table to the match, but he ends up going through it after Fenix hits a hurricarrna from the corner, putting Cuerno through the table. Fenix climbs the ladder to grab the Title for the win.

WINNER: Fenix- It picked up a bit at the end. But as I said above, the first half of the match was too slow and the pacing of the match seemed to be off. I’m guessing this is the end of this feud. I really don’t know what else can happen.

OVERALL- I thought this week would see a serious upswing in the show quality, but it just wasn’t there again. Everything was okay/good, but nothing that stole the show like I was anticipating. Hopefully, with Aztec Warfare in three weeks, things will get right by then. But there is something lacking this year in the product. Maybe we all just need Dario Cueto back in our lives.

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