JC’s Top Rope Report: Finally Getting A Proper Divas Revolution

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See what happens when you stick to the basics of wrestling? Back in early September, I wrote about how the WWE had botched the Divas Revolution. Instead of letting things develop naturally, the WWE forced teams down our throats. They booked the start of the Divas Revolution as groups of girls fighting each other in high school rather then making it about wrestling. There were a handful of problems with the booking early on. And lets not forget the classic “wins, losses, who cares” line from Nikki Bella. Oh, and how much involvement has Stephanie McMahon had since “starting” the Divas Revolution?

But just when you thought things were going downhill for the women of the WWE, they took a complete turn for the better. It really started when the WWE dropped the factions between all the women. And naturally, stories started to build from that. I know a lot of people didn’t like the Charlotte/Paige story. There were many in uproar after the Charlotte/Paige contract signing where Paige dropped that line about Reid. My problem was more with the fact that the angle ended the show when it had no heat to it at all. Had Paige said that the week before it might have been different.

Things then continued to on more of an uptick when Charlotte began to show signs of a heel turn. The relationship started to take a turn and they played the break-up storyline pretty well. Becky is the natural underdog/babyface out of all the women on the current roster (until Bayley is called up). The fans like Sasha Banks because of her talent, but they cheer Becky because of her determination and natural underdog work ethic.

Speaking of Sasha Banks, she was just waiting in the wings to strike and she did at the Royal Rumble. But wait, wasn’t she with Team B.A.D.? Well yes, so the WWE had Sasha break away from Naomi and Tamina. Not only that, but they tied in Becky Lynch into the story about as naturally as one could hope. And after the tag match at Fastlane, Becky and Sasha’s mutual respect for each other has upped their competitiveness in the ring. They put on two good matches on RAW and Smackdown, and now we get a Triple Threat match between those two and Charlotte at Wrestlemania.

And don’t think I have forgotten about Charlotte. Yes, she has some flaws. Her promo work leaves something to be desired. And I’m not talking about the material, I’m talking about the way she delivers said material. It’s very wooden. But with the help of her father Ric Flair, Charlotte has embraced the role of top heel in the Divas Division left open by Nikki Bella. There’s another thing to like about the new women’s division: We have a clear idea of who the faces and heels are. Sooner or later, Charlotte does need to break away from Ric. She can only use him for heat for so long before he becomes a distraction and takes the focus completely away from her.

You have to like that the focus of the Divas Division has no turned to the wrestling aspect of it rather than the drama filled, high school like storylines of it. The three women involved in the triple threat match at Wrestlemania care about who is the best among them. And you can bet that these women are going to go out there to prove that they are the new female faces of the WWE. We’ve seen their work in NXT and we know that it can translate onto the main roster if they are given the same amount of time. And so far, this is the best booked story going into Wrestlemania: Charlotte is the heel doing everything to protect her Title, Becky is the underdog babyface who has forced her way (on screen and off) into the match which we all thought would be a singles match, and Sasha is playing the tweener role of a women whose talents the fans love, but can’t be trusted by her competitors for a long period of time.

All it took for the WWE was to focus on the actual wrestling with the women rather than stupid trivial storylines. That’s part of the reason why the women in NXT got over as well as they did. Make it about who is the best in the ring, that’s it. I do find it somewhat funny that the Divas Division became better when the Bellas and Paige became less of a focus in it. I think any correlation between the two is nothing more than coincidence though. Nikki was needed to get over the new talent. And despite her being everything a lot of people hate about the past Divas, she’s improved tremendously since her debut. As for Paige, she has as much character as any woman on the roster outside of Sasha Banks. So while both were needed at the start, they’ve now become bit players for the time being (and Nikki will probably be that when/if she comes back).

It took the WWE almost six months, but they’ve finally figured out how to book the women on their roster. And I am fully expecting Sasha Banks, Charlotte and Becky Lynch to bring down the house at Wrestlemania. Hopefully they get a full 15-20 minutes to shine, especially with the limited amount of star power on the show at the moment. The WWE needs to continue this upward trend that they have going at the moment with the women on the roster. Women’s wrestling can be a key part of any future success that the WWE wants to have. It is up to them to continue what they have going now.