JC’s Top Rope Report: Who Cares About The McMahon Family Drama?

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Ever since the return of Shane McMahon to the WWE, rumors of backstage McMahon family drama have been swirling in the dirt sheets. When Shane left the WWE, it was said that he was not happy with the creative/corporate power that Stephanie and Triple H were getting. So Shane left to try his own business adventures. Now, in the latest Wrestling Observer, it was reported that Vince McMahon doesn’t want to be seen as the “out of touch” old man running the WWE who should step aside so Triple H can take over.

It all adds up to a bunch of stupid, backstage B.S. that I fear will ruin the WWE on screen. Some of it, as you can tell, has already leaked on screen. This entire build to the Shane McMahon/Undertaker match so far has not been great. Sure, the initial shock of seeing Shane McMahon return to the WWE was fun. But ever since, that storyline has been filled with plot holes so big that Bastian Booger could jump through them.

Wrestlemania 32 has been decimated by injuries. You can’t deny that. So yes, the WWE needed to change things up a handful of times to get the right card. But does the WWE even have the right card less than a month away from the biggest event of the year? Shane McMahon hasn’t wrestled a match in the WWE in over five years. Even with intense training, you can’t just jump into the ring and be ready for a Hell In A Cell match. Of course, the WWE could have built up a younger star to face the Undertaker. But that’s another tangent for another time.

Now The Undertaker is being dragged into this McMahon Family squabble. How many Wrestlemania appearances does The Undertaker have left? There were some who thought this Wrestlemania might be The Undertaker’s last. Now? I highly doubt The Undertaker wants his last Wrestlemania match to be against Shane McMahon. The thought of Taker trying to sell Shane’s punches is funny to me.

Every McMahon has their own traits that make them fun to watch, but when you get too much of them it becomes unbearable. Vince can still cut a great heel promo and be a complete ass (as seen on RAW). But behind the scenes Vince seems to be losing touch with what his audience wants. The ship has sailed on people thinking Vince is out of touch. The fact that for the second year in a row he is putting Roman Reigns in the main event of Wrestlemania shows just how out of touch he still is.

To me, the worst out of all of them is Stephanie McMahon. She NEVER gets what’s coming to her. She always has to look powerful on screen and never gets the punishment people want to see her receive. It’s a weekly guessing game waiting to see who she gets to emasculate on the roster next. And it is funny that the WWE is trying to promote her as a powerful woman leader now. Sure she draws heat, but why should we care to boo her if she always has to be the one looking the best from everything? And how has she been doing as the leader of the Divas Revolution? I wonder if she even knows what is going on.

Triple H books NXT. To a lot of people, he is looked at as a god because of that. But there’s no denying that he has his flaws as a character. There’s a running joke when Triple H comes out to start a show that”Burials Start at 8!” Similar to his wife, Triple H also has the tendency to want to look strong on TV. But at the same time he will put people over. He did with Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania 30. But really, there is no reason for him to be WWE Champion right now.

Shane always comes off as the white knight of the family. He’s the “hip” one. He comes off as cool and the most likable. Of course, he also takes crazy bumps and is willing to put his body on the line during the match. But by most accounts backstage, he isn’t the best when it comes to storyline making. And most of his business ventures post-WWE weren’t that successful.

So now these four are all back under one roof in the WWE, and the rumors of an internal struggle in the McMahon Family has begun to develop. First off, I’m fully convinced that Vince McMahon is going to live to be 100. He’s a freak. You think that sooner or later his body will break down but that hasn’t been the case at all. But does Shane coming back mean he will have more say in company decisions? Will Stephanie and Triple H allow something like that to happen without some kind of push back?

My answer to all of that: WHO CARES. Yes, obviously all of this effects the long term business prospects of the WWE. But at the rate the WWE is going, who knows how well business will be with the WWE in a few years. Business has been stale for quite some time and is in desperate need of a big kick in the ass. But McMahon Family drama playing out on WWE TV is not going to help your long term business. It is already ruining Wrestlemania by having a marquee match play out with all of this. And it is dragging The Undertaker into now as well. The Undertaker should not be involved in all of this mess. He should be fighting anybody else at Wrestlemania really.

There is no doubt that the McMahons have had a lasting effect on the world of pro wrestling (although they would hate me for using that term). They changed the way the world of pro wrestling worked in the 80s and it helped get them to where they are today. But sooner or later things continue to change. The McMahons should not be the focus of WWE TV anymore in 2016. For years I’ve been waiting to see the authority figure angle get completely dumped from TV. Triple H should not be getting involved in storylines and fighting in the main event of Wrestlemania. He should transition to what William Regal is doing on NXT, or what Dana White does for UFC. But at the moment there is way too much McMahon filled drama on TV.

The last time the McMahon Family was the primary focus of Wrestlemania was at Wrestlemania 16/2000. And that show was awful. This Wrestlemania is headed down that route as well. The WWE is more focused on Roadblock then Mania. The guy that is in the main event hasn’t been on TV the last two weeks. He gets booed constantly, and they have to use his more over buddy Dean Ambrose to try and get him heat. But the McMahons want you to know that they are back on TV for the biggest show of the year. And whether you like it or not, this show is going to be about them. Why? Because they think they are the only stars in their own company. And this business model doesn’t work in the long run.

Whether it is on screen or off, the McMahon Family likes the news to be about them. It is in their blood. But their own worry about how well they look on and off screen is causing the rest of their product to suffer. And until they take the focus off themselves and put it on their employees, sorry independent contractors, the long term will look bleak.

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