WWE RAW 3.14.16: News & Notes

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-The New Day defeated League of Nations members Rusev and Alberto del Rio to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. After the match, the entire League of Nations laid out the New Day. Later in the night, they officially challenged New Day to a match at Wrestlemania.

JC’s Take: I thought the match was better than the one at Roadblock. The post-match beatdown was needed to get some heat on the League of Nations, because no one really cared about them. And I’m sure a lot of people still don’t. But the WWE has now firmly established New Day as faces in this situation, and that is a good thing.

-Dean Ambrose cut a promo that was interrupted by Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar. Ambrose was ready to fight Lesnar but Heyman stopped Lesnar from getting into the ring. Ambrose later talked with Mick Foley backstage. Foley said he wasn’t there to stop him from fighting Brock, but to pass the torch. Foley gave Ambrose a barbed wire baseball bat as a gift.

JC’s Take: Well, it certainly looks like the Ambrose/Lesnar match at Wrestlemania won’t be very PG. Some people might be upset Ambrose “needs weapons” to win this fight. But guess what? It is a No Holds Barred Street Fight that both men agreed to. This match should be a fun one.

-Triple H cut a typical boring Authority promo. He said we all hate our lives and blah blah blah until Dolph Ziggler showed up. Ziggler said he had to stop HHH from talking. Steph slapped him (because of course she had to) and made Dolph fight HHH. If Dolph won, he could get any match outside of the WWE Title at Mania. HHH went on to beat Ziggler clean. After the match, Reigns came out to attack HHH and they brawled to the back where Reigns hit HHH with the fakest TV ever. HHH was busted open.

JC’s Take: Reigns was booed heavily during the segment. He didn’t help Ziggler during his match. Then he attacked Triple H after a hard fought match. How is he a face? The Ziggler/HHH match wasn’t bad, but the crowd couldn’t get fully behind Ziggler because they knew he wasn’t winning. This Wrestlemania main event is a trainwreck waiting to happen. People just don’t care.

-The Undertaker/Vince McMahon/Shane McMahon segment ended the show. Vince called Taker his instrument of destruction. Shane said he is fighting for the legacy of the WWE. Taker said his fists are his legacy. Shane said Taker is acting like a puppet and is acting like Vince’s bitch. The two started brawling until Vince shoved Shane into Taker and Shane ate a chokeslam.

JC’s Take: Well, where to start? Taker looked old. Shane still can’t throw punches. Random one liners aren’t going to get people to buy into this match. There’s just no story to this match at all and nothing I’ve seen so far makes me think it will be any good.

Random Thoughts

-Charlotte is confronting Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch on Smackdown. Hopefully she works on her promo delivery. But at least she took my advice to continue to wear those tank tops.

-Why is the WWE promoting Burger King hot dogs? That is like the worst product ever.

-AJ Styles came back and took out Chris Jericho. And that was it.

-Sami Zayn beat Miz after Kevin Owens distracted Miz on the apron. Ugh. WHY do you have to do this multi man match?

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