Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 8 Review

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-Catrina meets Fenix backstage. They end up kissing. Catrina says tonight, Mil Muertes destroys Fenix and brings her back from the dead.

Trios Championship: The Disciples of Death (c) vs Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse

-If the challengers lose they are banished from the temple forever.

-Ivelisse plays the babyface getting beat down early on until she make the tag to Son of Havoc.

-Angelico has been working on his kicks. I think they look a lot better this year.

-The faces are showing teamwork early on. They started the match that way and now they hit a unified dive to the outside.

-The Disciples of Death pull the old “Killer Bee” switcharoo, but Angelico kicks out. Angelico hits a crucifix into the corner then Havoc a moonsault. Angelico gets the pin for the win.

WINNERS: Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse to WIN the Trios Championship: With the way the stipulation was laid out this was the likely result. Match was too short but it was a good way to get the faces over. The Disciples of Death were boring anyways so they needed the Titles off them. Hopefully a new Trios team steps up.

-Rey Mysterio gives the new Dragon Azteca his invitation to Aztec Warfare. Rey has one too. So we will finally see Rey Mysterio next week.

Bullrope Match: Texano vs Chavo Guerrero

-“Oh good, a Chavo Guerrero match,” said no one ever.

-Chavo tries to get The Crew to work over Texano, but they leave ringside. Smart move by The Crew.

-Chavo tosses Texano into the floor seats. Those poor people. Why even bother buying those seats when you know you are going to have to run at some point.

-Texano pulls Chavo off the top rope, then its a sitdown powerbomb for the win.

WINNER: Texano: Not much of a bull rope match. Very little in terms of “violence.”

-Mil Muertes beats up the Disciples of Death. I think he either takes their powers or possibly kills them, as they were “electrocuting” when getting beat up.

-Dario Cueto is with Black Lotus. He says his brother is ready. Out comes Matanza, looking like something out of a horror movie: Cut off shirt, mask covering everything but his eyes, blood all over him. Dario says it is time to take back his temple.

Lucha Underground Championship: Mil Muertes (c) vs Fenix

-Lots of good spots early on. Fenix goes for a spirngboard off the top rope but Mil catches him with an RKO, FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!!!

-Mil starts ripping at the mask of Fenix. Fenix goes for a dive to the outside but Mil catches him with a chair shot directly to the head. No protection. Fenix is busted open.

-They go through the crowd. Fenix tries tight roping the rail but Mil pushes him into the second and third row of people. Would LU pay for dry cleaning if Fenix’s blood got on their clothes?

-Fenix recovers, tight ropes the rail, and hits a dive on Mil. But Mil comes right back with a powerbomb on the announce table.

-Back in the ring, Fenix starts to right back. He hits a double stomp on the apron then rips Mil’s mask.

-Mil brings a chair into play. But Fenix grabs it and Mil punches it. Fenix then throws the chair at Mil and now Mil is bleeding.

-Both men exchange great near fall attempts. Mil hits a DDT off the top rope.

-Mil goes for the Flatliner, but Fenix bridges through and pins Mil to become the new Lucha Underground Champion.

-Catrina announces that now Aztec Warfare will be for the LU Championship. Fenix will enter at #1, Mil at #20. Haven’t we seen this before?

WINNER: Fenix to become the NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Outstanding match. I think I like it better than last week’s triple threat match. I really wish more promotions would go with the No DQ, there must be a winner rule for their Title matches. Great spots throughout. Could have used some more selling at times, but everything was believable. And I like how the match ended. Doesn’t need to be a big move to win the Title.

OVERALL: The main event was great. The other two matches were too short to amount to anything. I think LU was taped before the Rumble storyline, so you can’t say they stole something from the WWE. Aztec Warfare was good last year so I’m expecting another good one. Also, Dario Cueto is coming back. So business is about to pick-up!

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