Bobby Roode and Eric Young Leave TNA

TNA Impact Header - 2014

In what some might consider a blow to TNA, Bobby Roode and Eric Young have come to terms on their respective releases from the company. The following statement was released on Impact Wrestling’s web site:

“IMPACT WRESTLING has come to terms on the release of veteran wrestlers Bobby Roode and Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz). Bobby and Eric have been valuable members of The Impact Roster since 2004 and we wish them nothing but the best in their careers going forward.”

You can read the rest of the article with quotes from Roode and Young here:

Both Roode and Young were long term members of the roster. Roode was a 2 time former TNA Champion. He rose to fame when he formed a tag team with James Storm known as Beer Money, Inc. The duo won the tag titles five times. Roode won his first Title from his partner Storm in 2011. The team recently reformed after Storm returned to the promotion.

Young was treated mostly as a mid-carder throughout his TNA run. When TNA decided to put the Title on Young in 2014, most people saw it as an attempt to replicate Daniel Bryan’s run to the top of the WWE. Plus, no one saw Young as a main eventer like they did with Bryan. Young continued to remain towards the top of the card after his Title run.

At this point, I would be surprised if either man ended up in the WWE, Young especially. Roode had the opportunity to go to the WWE before but never went. I could see him possibly taking on a role similar to what his partner James Storm did in NXT. But I don’t think he would go right to the main roster, and I don’t know if Roode would want to work that type of travel schedule this late in his career. He always seemed like someone happy to work a part time schedule and be able to spend time with his family as well.