WWE RAW 3.21.16: News and Notes

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-Kevin Owens defeated AJ Styles in a great match. Styles was distracted by Chris Jericho again, and Styles fell victim to an Owens roll-up. Later in the night, Styles tried to distract Jericho in his match with Fandango (yes, he still exists) but it did not work. Styles challenged Jericho to a match at Mania.

JC’s Take: The Owens/Styles match might have been the best RAW match of the year. I still think something needs to be added to the match. We have seen them wrestle three times before so a fourth match between the two really adds nothing to the feud. Jericho has been great in his heel mode lately, but the match at Mania needs a bit more of a kick.

-After the Owens/Styles match, Dolph Ziggler, Miz and Sami Zayn came out and demanded Intercontinental Title matches. Stephanie then gave Owens the ability to make a Triple Threat match. Owens made one involving Stardust, Zack Ryder and Sin Cara. Eventually, the first three came out during the match and everyone brawled. This lead to Stephanie making a 7 man ladder match between everyone I mentioned at Wrestlemania.

JC’s Take: WHY????? Why is it so freaking hard for the WWE to just go the basic route and make it Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens, one-on-one, for the IC Title. Why does Sin Cara and ZACK RYDER need to be involved? Why do Kalisto and Ryback get their own match at Wrestlemania??? And who the hell is going to be in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal? At least last year’s Mania was built ahead of time towards the ladder match. This one is just lazily thrown together.

-Roman Reigns confronted Stephanie McMahon in the ring. He said he’s The Authority now. When Triple H came to pick-up Steph from the arena, Roman was waiting. Reigns attacked HHH before HHH and Steph drove off.

JC’s Take: They weren’t bad segments, but at this point it is way too late in the game to do anything to save Roman Reigns. You could clone Steve Austin and put his DNA in Roman Reigns, and the fans would still boo him.

-Vince McMahon said that if The Undertaker loses at Wrestlemania, this will be Taker’s last Wrestlemania.

JC’s Take: Again, the loopholes here are so big the Kool Aid man could jump through them. What is preventing Shane from re-hiring Taker the next night on RAW if he wins? This is similar to when Cena was supposed to be fired after losing to Punk at Money in the Bank.

-In the main event, Dean Ambrose vs Braun Strowman ended in a DQ when Ambrose attacked Strowman with a chair.

JC’s Take: Wow, that was bad. The crowd chanted “This is Boring” while Strowman had control of the match. The three hour RAW is KILLING the crowds, and it is becoming more and more evident as time goes on. It wasn’t a very Mania like ending to the show tonight. A lackluster ending to a lackluster show. You wouldn’t believe that Wrestlemania was two weeks away after you watched that show.

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