Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 9 Review: AZTEC WARFARE!

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-As we know from last week, Fenix is #1. Out comes Rey Mysterio at #2 and he soaks up the ovation from the crowd.

-In at #3 is King Cuerno, and we know his history with Fenix. Cuerno hits his dive to the outside on Fenix and to this day it still amazes me how much distance he gets.

-#4 is Argenis. He gets a couple of kicks in, but falls victim to a 619 and frog splash from Rey Mysterio and is eliminated. Did you expect anything else?

-Johnny Mundo is #5. I wonder what trick he will do so his feet don’t hit the ground and he avoids elimination. Oh wait, wrong match.

-Joey Ryan is in at #6. He handcuffs himself to the guardrail so he can’t be pinned. But I bet he ends up tapping out. Famous B is at ringside and hands his card to Ryan.

-Prince Puma is in at #7, Jack Evans at #8. Cuerno taps out to an armbar. He’s somewhat stuck in the middle when it comes to LU. I would’ve liked to see him stay in a little longer.

-Johnny Mundo forms an alliance with Jack Evans and they wait for #9, who happens to be Mundo’s pal Taya. They break it up so its a, bad guys vs good guys. Also whites vs Hispanics.

-At #10 is Cage. He’s a machine. Cage throws some people around but Mundo ends up tossing him through the glass of Catrina’s office.

-Famous B continues to hand out his cards at ringside. He wants everyone to get fame!

-Mascarita Segrada is #11. Cage comes back from the office and hits Weapon X on Mundo to eliminate him.

-Marty the Moth is in at #12. Maybe he can have a creep off with Joey Ryan.

-Just as Jack Evans starts to get some offense in, out comes his nemesis Drago at #13. Drago and Evans brawl through the crowd and Drago hip tosses Evans from the crowd to the outside. In the ring, Rey Mysterio and Mascarita Segrada team up to eliminate Marty the Moth.

-#14 is The Mack. He delivers a Stunner to Marty the Moth just for good measure on the way out.

-Chavo Guerrero is #15. Meh. He puts the camel clutch on Mascarita Segrada to eliminate him. And that’s the only person he should eliminate.

-Johnny Mundo comes back out and smashes a cinder block over Cage’s head. Taya pins him to eliminate him. Fenix then eliminates Taya as PJ Black comes out at #16.

-Aerostar is #17. He hits something like a Canadian Destroyer off the top rope on Evans to eliminate him as PJ Black eliminates Drago at the same time.

-Dragon Azteca Jr is #18 and Texano is #19. We all know Mil Muertes is #20. Texano hits the sit down powerbomb on Black to eliminate him.

-As Mil makes his way to the ring, Pentagon Jr attacks him from behind. Catrina kept Pentagon out of the match. Pentagon attacks Mil with a chair then Rey and Puma double pin Mil to eliminate him.

-Catrina tells Vampiro to get out then slaps him.

-The clock goes again as Matt Striker wonders what is going on. Out comes Dario Cueto! Dario says he is back and is taking over his temple again. He says there is one more entrant and it is his brother Matanza.

-Matanza absolutely clears house. He eliminates Fenix, The Mack, Aerostar and Texano.

-Matanza spots Joey Ryan. He rips the steel off the rail and hits a triple gut wrench on Joey Ryan to eliminate him.

-El Dragon Azteca tries some quick moves on Matanza, but it doesn’t work. He eats a chokeslam from Matanza.

-Chavo tries to make a deal with Dario, but Dario tells Matanza no way. Chavo is gone.

-Puma tries his luck, but he is eliminated. It’s down to Rey and Matanza. Rey hits a 619. But Matanza catches him off the top rope and finishes him off to win the Lucha Underground Championship.

WINNER and NEW Lucha Underground Champion: Matanza

OVERALL: That was a fun hour of TV. Outside of King Cuerno, I don’t really think anyone looked bad in the match. Sure Fenix was pinned by one move, but he had been in the match the entire time.

Not having Pentagon in the match ended up working out. It all made sense from a storyline perspective. And now they have set up Pentagon/Mil for the rest of the season, with Vampiro and Catrina possibly having their own side issues as well.

It was nice to see Dario Cueto get a great welcome back. As far as Matanza, he made an impressive debut. He may not be as big as some people would’ve liked, but he still looks strong and his moveset so far looked impressive. Now the next step will be how he performs in a full match. I’m all for going all in on a new wrestler debuting. And unlike the WWE, Lucha Underground takes chances and did it here.

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