WWE RAW 3.28.16: News & Notes

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-Shane McMahon and The Undertaker started the show. Shane said if Taker’s legacy had to die in order for his to start, then so be it. But Shane also said that Taker’s legacy really died two years ago. Taker said that Shane has always been his daddy’s bitch. Both men started brawling. Taker went to deliver the Last Ride to Shane, but Shane escaped and hit Taker with the TV monitor. Shane then hit an elbow off the top rope on Taker through the announce table. As Shane walked to the back, Taker sat up.

JC’s Take: That was probably the best segment this feud has had since Shane’s return. It got me slightly more interested in the match than I was before. Shane’s punches still look ridiculous though. I fully expect Shane to throw his body around like a mad man on Sunday.

-After AJ Styles distracted Chris Jericho and caused him to lose his match to Zack Ryder, Jericho accepted Styles challenge to a match at Wrestlemania.

JC’s Take: Jericho talked about the match being the worst night in Styles life. The announcers tried to hype the fact that Styles has never faced Jericho at Mania. It still seems weird that the match is just a basic singles match. I was expecting Jericho to throw in some kind of stipulation, but it didn’t happen. Hopefully they top their other three matches.

-Paul Heyman hyped up the No Holds Barred Stret Fight. He gave a spoiler: Brock Lesnar is winning this Sunday. Dean Ambrose came out with a wagon and loaded it with weapons that were under the ring for some reason. It included a crowbar, barbed wire bat, chainsaw, and Dean also took the steps.

JC’s Take: That was weird. I mean, what was the point of that? And why were all those weapons under the ring? It’s certainly been a weird job by the WWE building their matches tonight.

-Eva Marie returned to RAW to help out Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Natalya, Paige and Alicia Fox) against Team Not Total Divas (Lana, Naomi, Tamina, Summer Rae and Emma).

JC’s Take: This might be the first time Eva Marie was in an arena and she wasn’t the most hated person there (see: Roman Reigns). I get that she’s on Total Divas. But the crowd HATES Eva Marie and her being on the face team makes absolutely zero sense. I’m assuming she will turn on them at Mania, and probably botch a move or two.

-The Coach made an appearance and said Sportscenter will be broadcasting from Wrestlemania on Sunday.

JC’s Take: That’s a big get for the WWE. It’s just a damn shame that the WWE doesn’t have a better card to promote, or did a good job promoting this one. Maybe they can just go to NXT Takeover instead?

-Triple H gave a promo talking on and on for about 10 minutes. He tried his best to get Roman Reigns over but the crowd wasn’t buying it. They tried comparing the hopes and dreams of the crowd to that of Roman’s hopes and dreams. Seriously? Reigns came out and attacked Triple H. Backstage later, the Dudleyz and Triple H attacked Roman. There was one more brawl later in the night. Wrestlers came out to try and break it up. Reigns did his dive over the top rope as HHH crawled away. The show closed with Reigns in the ring and HHH on stage, staring each other down.

JC’s Take: First of all, Reigns didn’t even point at the end of the show. Come on man! Now to the main point: This match is going to die a slow death at Wrestlemania. The crowd did not care about the final segment at all. They were chanting stupid random shit during the six man tag before this, more proof that 3 hour RAWs are a bad idea. This makes the final segment before RAW last year look like gold. The crowd is turned on Reigns at this point that there is no hope. I’m pretty sure John Cena would be welcomed back with open arms at this point. I don’t know how the WWE thinks this is going to work.

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