JC’s Top Rope Report: 5 Bold Predictions For Wrestlemania Weekend

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The title is pretty self explanatory. We are less than a week away from Wrestlemania 32. And Friday starts Wrestlemania weekend with NXT Takeover and ends with RAW on Monday (sorry I’m not counting Smackdown). If you read my thoughts on RAW, you know that I wasn’t very fond of the go home show, or the entire Wrestlemania weekend. The WWE needs a shake-up this weekend. If they come out of Wrestlemania without a couple of big stories, the next few months will be rough.

So here are my 5 bold predictions for Wrestlemania 32 weekend:

1. Dean Ambrose Will Defeat Brock Lesnar

-Brock Lesnar losing to Dean Ambrose would probably surprise a good amount of people. Lesnar is built up as an unstoppable beast. Dean Ambrose is a lunatic who always seems to come up short when it matters most. Ambrose desperately needs a big win for people to take him seriously. A win over Brock Lesnar will do just that. Lesnar can rebound off of losses pretty well, and nothing really damages his character. Brock Lesnar is an attraction on his own and fans want to see him regardless. Ambrose getting a win here would catapult him to a new level in the eyes of the fans.

2. John Cena vs The Undertaker Will Be Teased For Wrestlemania 33

-This was the match that a lot of people in the WWE put their money on happening this year. It would have been a great match. I think it is one of the few dream matches left that have not happened. Yes I know both men have fought before, but not with Cena being the top guy in the WWE. If Taker is physically able to go next year, there’s no reason this match should not happen. The names alone are a big enough draw. And hey, maybe the WWE will take the next year to build up more stars so they aren’t left like they were this year!

3. No Titles Will Change Hands At NXT Takeover

-Everyone thinks Bayley and Finn Balor will be called up to the main roster sooner rather than later. And that may very well be the case. So everyone thinks they will drop their respective Titles at Takeover. But do they really have to? Sasha Banks was the Women’s Champion when she showed up on the main roster. Kevin Owens was NXT Champ when he made his first RAW appearance. I think Finn Balor retains against Samoa Joe, and I actually think Joe shows up on the main roster before Balor. Bayley losing to Asuka might make sense as far as transitioning from one top face to the next, but I don’t know if Asuka necessarily needs the Title. And as far as the Tag Titles go, I give you Enzo and Cass as the prime example of waiting. The NXT writers might make you wait a little longer for American Alpha to win the Tag Titles. It’s very possible no Titles change hands at Takeover.

4. Sleeper Match of the Weekend: Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

-It’s probably the match getting the least amount of attention going into Takeover. But Corbin has been slowly improving in NXT since his heel turn. And we all know how good Aries is. Their styles are completely different but I see no reason why this match won’t deliver come Friday. Aries will be out to prove why he is one of the best wrestlers in the world on the big stage. And Corbin will be looking to show that he can elevate his game in a big match setting.

5. Wrestlemania Will End With Vince McMahon Shaking The Hand Of Roman Reigns

-15 years ago at Wrestlemania, Steve Austin turned heel by aligning with Vince McMahon in his effort to win the WWE Title. Roman Reigns as a face is all but dead. I just don’t see any way that it is going to work. It’s completely different, in my opinion, from the boos that John Cena continues to receive. While Austin turning heel never really worked, and was stupid to do in Texas, this heel turn should. Vince has slowly faded away from the Reigns/HHH story and that may be by design. Reigns could form an alliance with Vince to get HHH and Stephanie McMahon out of power. I’ve even seem some suggest that it could be Shane and Vince uniting to do that, with Roman as their centerpiece. That might be stretching it. But Reigns joining forces with Vince is a guaranteed way to get fans to boo Reigns for the right reasons. The amount of people that Reigns could face as a heel is bigger than who he could as a face. If the WWE thinks they can skate by with Reigns in his current state, they are greatly mistaken.

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