Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 10 Review

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-Dario Cueto started the show. He said next week a new Trios Tournament will start. He was ready to announce a new #1 Contender but Pentagon Jr interrupted. He said he should be #1 Contender because he wasn’t in Aztec Warfare last week. Pentagon wanted Matanza, but Dario refused. Pentagon then went to break Dario’s arm, so Dario finally agreed to it.

Johnny Mundo & Taya vs Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro

-Is this Lucha Underground’s version of Main Event?

-Mundo tags in. It didn’t seem like Taya was happy about it.

-Cisco makes the hot tag and Castro goes to work on Mundo. But Mundo tags in Taya, who wasn’t suspecting it. Are we already seeing dissension after a few weeks?

-Out comes Cage as Mundo backs away. Castro and Mr. Cisco pick up the win after hitting their finisher on Taya. Castro and Cisco won a match???

-Marty the Moth talks about the Moth Tribe, and how every other tribe tries to take what is theirs. He said Mariposa protects their tribe, and his sister is the most dangerous Mariposa yet.

-Catrina meets Dario Cueto in his office. She said when the time is right, his brother will meet death, and the temple will be her’s again. Mil/Mantanza would be a really fun match.

Elimination Match for the Trios Championship: Son of Havoc, Angelico and Ivelisse (c) vs The Disciples of Death

-Can we change the name of the Disciples of Death to the Disciples of Meh?

-Ivelisse ends up in the ropes and Catrina tries to grab her. Ivelisse is then caught by a kick from a disciple and is eliminated.

-Angelico eliminates Trece. Trece did this weird movement with his body before going almost right into Angelico’s finisher.

-Angelico goes for the Fall of the Angels again, but a Disciple escapes and then does a reverse backbreaker, where he drove his knees into Angelico’s back going forward. It looked awkward. Angelico was eliminated.

-Son of Havoc catapults off the ropes, then hits a double curb stomp on the remaining disciples. Havoc eliminates Bario Negro.

-Catrina pulls Son of Havoc off the ropes. Ivelisse comes back out and delivers a kick to the head of Catrina. Havoc hits a couple of dives to the outside then a shooting star press for the win. That was fully expected. I didn’t see the Disciples of Death getting the titles back any time soon.

-Rey Mysterio is in Dario’s office asking about the original Dragon Azteca. Cueto said he had nothing to do with Azteca’s death, nor did his brother. Dario says he wants Rey and Dragon Azteca Jr to compete in his temple, as long as they agree to leave the past in the past. They toast to Dragon Azteca and do a shot. What a cool boss Dario is. Drinking on the job? No problem!

Sexy Star w/The Mack vs Mariposa w/Marty the Moth

-Mariposa makes quick work of Sexy with a move called the Butterfly Effect. Afterwards, Mariposa and Marty attack The Mack. That was quick. I’m assuming they will try to build up Sexy getting her revenge. Maybe we get into what exactly happened to her?

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs Pentagon Jr

-Dario unlocks the cage to let Matanza out. He wants Matanza to break Pentagon’s back. Damn, I was hoping for a Goldberg like entrance  from Matanza.

-Pentagon lands some early kicks then a backstabber, but Matanza no sells everything.

-Again, the people in the wooden chairs area are forced to move as Matanza throws Pentagon into the chairs.

-Matanza continues to work over the back of Pentagon. He hits the Wrath of the Gods for the win as Pentagon tells the ref he’s hurt.

-Vampiro gets in the ring and calls for help, but he eats a kick to the face from Matanza. Matanza then powerbombs Pentagon through the table. Pentagon is stretchered out as Vampiro gives a sadistic look from inside the ambulance.

OVERALL: Obviously a bit of a step down from last week. The only noteworthy thing here is the end and how people take it. Some will look at it as Pentagon looking weak and ruining him. Others will look at it as the ultimate comeback story. Pentagon will be forced to go to his darker side again with Vampiro and come back more evil than ever, and be the anti-hero everyone wants him to be. I assume that is what’s going to happen. Otherwise, they completely ruined Pentagon Jr.

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