The Midcard’s 15 Minutes: Who Said Change Isn’t Great

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Just over a year ago I wrote a column expressing my thoughts that the WWE needed to continue to evolve and change with the times:

Over the past several years the main event scene of the WWE consisted of John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show and Kane, if you don’t count that one guy who left for MMA. As Royal Rumbles and Wrestlemania’s past the matchups become stale and uninteresting. Something changed and clicked when Daniel Bryan had his run in the main event scene followed up by Seth Rollins catapulting himself as a top star after Wrestlemania 31. The casual WWE fan was introduced to a style the WWE didn’t feature. Everyone instantly became junkies to it. The WWE again ignored the buzz and pushed the WWE way down our throats, again.

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WWE Payback Preview

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WWE Payback is this Sunday. And it is way more interesting than Wrestlemania ever was. Pretty much every match on the card has been built well. The outcome of the main event could go a handful of different ways. The undercard should produce some quality matches. And we hopefully finally know who will be running things on TV, unless the WWE decides this decision won’t matter either and do whatever they want the next night on RAW.

But lets get down to some predictions!

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Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 14 Review

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Cage Match for an Aztec Medallion: Cage vs Johnny Mundo w/Taya

-Cage is dominating the match early and he throws Mundo into all four sides of the cage.

-Cage applies a Boston Crab in the ropes in the corner. He tries going up the cage but Mundo pulls him down and crotches him on the ropes.

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WWE RAW 4.25.16 News & Notes: Control of RAW To Be Determined at Payback


-Shane McMahon started the show but was quickly interrupted by Stephanie McMahon. She said this Sunday at Payback, Vince McMahon will appear and determine who will be in charge of RAW. Shane said he was still in charge for the night and asked Stephanie to leave. When she refused, Shane had her escorted out by security. But because Stephanie always has to look powerful, she slapped one of the security guards a few times before leaving.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: What To Expect When Orton, Cena and Rollins Return

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The WWE has been on quite the run over the last few weeks. RAW continues to show signs of improvement. The entire product looks to be on the upswing. Now of course, we have all had hope before when things start to look good. But then the rug gets pulled out from underneath us. For now, however, we will take the positives and go along with it.

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Samoa Joe Wins NXT Championship

Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor tonight at an NXT event in Lowell, Massachusetts to win the NXT Championship.

JC’s Take: Well, this is a lot to take in. First of all, I don’t get why this didn’t happen at NXT Takeover: Dallas. It would have made so much more sense for it to take place there with likely your biggest audience ever watching NXT. That was the original plan according to multiple reports, but plans changed.

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JC’s Top Rope Report: Who Put This Logic In My WWE Wrestling?

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Ever since Wrestlemania, something has changed in the WWE. Wrestlemania 32 left a bad taste in a lot of our mouths. There was almost no hope left for the majority of WWE fans. Roman Reigns was WWE Champion. Dean Ambrose looked weak against Brock Lesnar. Almost every match outcome left fans scratching their heads.

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