JC’s Top Rope Report: Did That Wrestlemania Really Just Happen?

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In my Wrestlemania preview column earlier this week, I said that this year’s Wrestlemania had the element of surprise around it. You really didn’t know what could happen. There were rumors of surprise returns. There was hope that the underwhelming build to this show would be forgotten by the end of it.

Sadly, however, that was not the case.

In what seems like an almost recurring theme with Wrestlemania, the biggest show of the year failed to deliver in the grand scheme of things. The show wasn’t a complete downer, but it once again left loyal fans scratching their heads. You have to start with Roman Reigns winning the WWE Title, clean, with nothing big happening. The match was a complete snoozefest. Of course, it didn’t help that the match was at the end of an over SEVEN HOUR SHOW. Roman Reigns and Triple H had to pull out all the stops to get the crowd interested. But guess what, that didn’t happen.

I don’t completely hate Roman Reigns. But the way he has been booked the past two years has been an absolute joke. He’s just not ready to be a main eventer. And the crowd isn’t buying into him at all. The WWE can try to turn down the mics all they want when he comes out. It didn’t hide the mass amount of boos he received, or the multiple NXT chants during the match. To the shock of no one, Reigns and HHH failed to deliver. That seems to be the theme of HHH Title matches at Wrestlemania.

Then there was Shane McMahon and The Undertaker. The whole point of this storyline was to build up to Shane jumping off the Cell. That might have been the first time I genuinely feared for the life of a wrestler when performing a spot. But all that McMahon Family drama and nothing from Vince on the show? And the match was again a let down. Undertaker was moving around pretty slow and Shane is Shane. His punches looked pretty weak as usual. Wasting one of The Undertaker’s last Wrestlemania matches on a throwaway match for one big spot is a slap in the face to Taker. There are zero ramifications for this match going into Monday.

Why not add a third match to the letdown trifecta? I give you Dean Ambrose vs Brock Lesnar. The match is built up as a No Holds Barred Street Fight. Ambrose is given all of these weapons by past legends. You think that Ambrose is going to have a great showing and this is going to be a war. But nope. It felt like a complete meh match. Nothing worth noting happened. Ambrose lost another big match. There is no hope in thinking he can be a main eventer in the near future. I mean, he doesn’t look like Roman Reigns! Not only that, but for a Brock Lesnar match this felt like nothing special. And again, no storyline ramifications coming out of this match.

As far as the rest of the show, it was a mixed bag. The wrestling itself in the IC Title Match, Jericho/Styles and the Divas Triple Threat were good. But the winners of the matches left you scratching your head. When they announced the new Women’s Championship Title, I had a feeling that Charlotte might retain. They want to build the division around her. But it was set up for Sasha Banks to have her moment. And it didn’t happen. Her winning the Title anywhere else but Mania just won’t feel as big. AJ Styles losing to Chris Jericho also made no sense. Styles is a guy that can be someone in the company. Jericho has peaked and almost has no value left. Styles fell victim to the WWE’s 50/50 booking system. It is something that he will grow accustomed too. And Zack Ryder winning the IC Title? Yeah, I’ll pass. If that was all to get a Wrestlemania moment and then have him lose in a week will be dumb.

I would complain abut The Rock burying the Wyatt Family, but the Wyatts are so far down the totem pole right now that it really doesn’t matter. I have less of a problem with the HBK/Austin/Foley beatdown of the League of Nations. Oh yeah, New Day losing was dumb as well.

Man, the booking on this show was just atrocious. Wrestlemania should be about new stars being made, and instead it is always about the past. This year all three all three main event matches failed to deliver. We are stuck with Roman Reigns as WWE Champion, with the Authority still in charge. We are essentially going back to the same crap we got before the build to Wrestlemania. Unless something major happens on RAW, the WWE has given us no hope with the future ahead. Instead of new stars being made from this show, we are left with the constant reminder that the past is always the best. And until Vince and Co. realize that new stars are needed, we are stuck going around in the same circle as always.

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  • Baron Corbin winning the Battle Royale. That may have been the highlight of the night. Although, given the luck of the rest of the NXT stars coming up (Sans Owens), I’d much rather would have had someone else win.