Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 11 Review

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-Dario Cueto runs into Vampiro in the bathroom. Cueto tells Vampiro to not lay a hand on him or his brother, or his fate will be worse than Pentagon’s.

-Joey Ryan and Cortez Castro meet with their police chief. Ryan says they are entered in the Trios Tournament.

Ivelisse vs Kobra Moon

-The women in LU have some of the worst masks. Kobra Moon’s and Mariposa’s are both awful.

-I don’t like any of Kobra Moon’s offense. It is very bland. And she makes a constant slithering sound as well.

-Ivelisse’s flaws are being exposed here as well. When she isn’t in a Trios match, she can be very slow and not all that interesting. The match itself has been very mat based.

-Ivelisse wins with a sunset flip powerbomb. Not a very impressive match. Kobra Moon needs a storyline quickly. Otherwise, there’s really nothing for her on LU.

-Killshot backstory time! He used to be a classified army officer. He was captured and held prisoner for 13 months before he escaped. He said he didn’t know if his team/brothers escaped. There’s a storyline set-up!
-Famous B gives Mascarita Segrada his business card. Mack then tells Sexy Star Dario put him on a Trios Team with Marty the Moth and Mariposa.

1st Round Trios Tournament Match: Joey Ryan and The Crew vs The Mack, Marty the Moth and Mariposa

-Mariposa already lost her cool butterfly outfit. But she still has that ugly mankind mask.

-Joey Ryan wants no part of The Mack to start so he tags in Mr. Cisco. What kind of cop is he!

-The crowd is getting behind The Crew. Of course, that is what happens when you dump the stench of Chavo Guerrero.

-Joey Ryan tags in and he wants Mariposa. She quickly lands some moves. Marty comes in and Ryan gets the better of him. Ryan tags in Cortez. Vampiro points out the animosity between both of them.

-Cortez is in the ring. Joey Ryan tags himself in and says he will show Cortez how it is done. Mack then tags himself in after Mariposa and Marty refused to tag him in.

-Mariposa blocks Mack’s dive to the outside. So he shoves her down to the ground and jumps on everybody.

-Marty tags himself in. Mack isn’t happy, so they exchange chops. Mack then gives Marty the Stunner. The Crew hits their finisher and Joey Ryan gets the pin. That was a fun match. Not ground breaking in action, but the pace was good and there was nothing bad about it.

-After the match Mariposa slaps around The Mack. Sexy Star stops it, then lays the smackdown on Mariposa.

-Rey Mysterio tells Dragon Azteca Jr that Prince Puma will team with them in the Trios Tournament next week.

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs Fenix

-Fenix tries using quickness to beat Matanza but eventually Matanza just swats Fenix away then slams his head multiple times into the mat.

-Fenix gets Matanza backed into the corner. But Matanza grabs Fenix and hits a German suplex into the corner. Ouch.

-Fenix gets some superkicks in and knocks Matanza to the outside. But Matanza catches Fenix diving to the outside and hits a powerslam.

-Back in the ring, Matanza hits the Wrath of the Gods on Fenix for the win. Matanza beats down Fenix after the match until Catrina appears, then Mil Muertes clotheslines Matanza out of the ring.

OVERALL: That wasn’t a bad show. Ivelisse/Kobra Moon wasn’t great. But the six man tag had its fun moments. It was an interesting mixup of characters that made for a fun match. It also advanced storylines. I liked the Killshot vignette. He was one of the characters no one really knew a lot about so that was useful. The main event was used to get to Mil/Matanza, which is fine with me. The announcers also questioned if Mil was showing mercy for Fenix. Given their storied rivalry, they could go the respect route with both men. Fun show.

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