JC’s Top Rope Report: Way Too Early Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

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Every year, I like to look into my crystal ball and give you my early Wrestlemania 33 predictions. Looking back on my predictions last year, I got exactly zero predictions right. Although I did predict John Cena vs Kevin Owens, except it happened 10 months earlier than I predicted. Injuries of course depleted the Wrestlemania card this year. But if you look at the current WWE roster, plus everyone who will return from injury, plus everyone who will likely be called up from NXT, next year’s Wrestlemania has the potential to be very star-studded.

So with all of that being said, here are my Wrestlemania 33 Predictions that will likely not happen at all!

Andre the Giant Battle Royal

-I doubt this is going away anytime soon.

United States Championship: Bray Wyatt (c) vs Luke Harper

-I don’t know. I guess Bray Wyatt will still be a thing around this time. So I have to find a way to get him on the card. I guess a match with Luke Harper is something. I honestly don’t see how they can recreate the Wyatt Family as any threat in the future. But Bray is still a good enough worker, and so is Harper.

Tag Team Championship: New Day (c) vs American Alpha vs Enzo and Cass vs The Usos

-By this time next year I think the New Day will be back in the heel role. I don’t see how they last as faces the entire year, but they work well enough as a group that they should stick together in the long run. I would assume American Alpha gets a call up by this time next year.

Samoa Joe vs Randy Orton

-Pretty easy way to get both guys on the card. I think Orton’s character and in ring work would work well with Joe. Orton is a veteran guy and Joe working a program with Orton going into Mania would probably help him in the eyes of the non-NXT fan crowd. Orton is considered a big star by them so I think Joe/Orton would work.

Intercontinental Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

-It’s purely coincidental that I added the IC Title to this. I know they fought for the Title with the same name in New Japan, but their Title is much more valuable than the WWE’s version. So why not try to prop up the WWE’s version of the IC Title with this match here. We obviously know what these two are capable of in the ring. Give them 15-20 minutes at Wrestlemania and these guys won’t disappoint.

Cesaro vs Brock Lesnar

-Hey, I predicted this match to happen at Wrestlemania 31 after Cesaro won the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal. I’m going with it again here. I don’t know what the WWE has in store for Brock Lesnar. He doesn’t need to be Champ, but I could see him getting another Title match this year. But Cesaro is a guy that pretty much everyone sees something in outside of Vince McMahon. Can that change this year? Maybe. The story could be built that Cesaro was never worth being a Paul Heyman guy, and he never deserved to be one. So Cesaro challenges the ultimate Paul Heyman guy. Sometimes things are that simple.

Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (c) vs Bayley

-Leading up to this year’s show, I said that Wrestlemania would be Sasha Banks moment. I was quite surprised when she didn’t win. But the more I think about it, the more I am okay with Charlotte winning. Let Charlotte build up the new Title some more, then have Sasha eventually take it from her. The most likely place I think is at SummerSlam. Sure it is a long time away, but you can get Charlotte/Natalya, Charlotte/Becky and maybe one more Charlotte/Sasha match out of the coming shows. Sasha can then hold the Title up to Mania. I see Bayley making a late summer debut on the roster. She can feud with the likes of Paige, Emma, Charlotte and even Nikki Bella on her arrival before facing Sasha at Mania. Then these two can recreate the magic they have in the ring.


John Cena vs The Undertaker

-I know there are people who think that this past year was Undertaker’s last Wrestlemania. He’s been taken off a handful of cards on the European tour. But Taker can’t really go out with his last match against Shane McMahon, can he? His last match should be against someone on equal footing as him as a wrestler and character. The two matches everyone talks about are The Undertaker going up against Sting and John Cena. Sting has officially announced his retirement from wrestling. That leaves John Cena. This match was going to happen this year if it weren’t for Cena’s injury. I don’t anticipate Taker wrestling as much between Manias this year. If he can stay healthy and get in shape for a match against Mania, it HAS to be against The Undertaker. The only other match I could make even a minor case for would be Taker vs Finn Balor, if only because of the entrances of both.

The Shield vs The Bulletproof Balor Club

-But see, you can’t have Finn Balor in a match with The Undertaker because I have this match booked at the moment. Come next year’s Wrestlemania, it will have been 2 1/2 years since the Shield broke up. Some people will probably think it is too soon, but you know that the WWE is itching to pull the trigger finger on a reunion. It doesn’t even really have to be face vs heel. But you could have Balor debut with Gallows and Anderson and go after Ambrose and Reigns first. They can then target Rollins and eventually The Shield can reunite to take out this threat. Rollins is coming back as a face. And if you want Reigns to get cheered at Wrestlemania, this may be the best way to do it. In order for The Shield to reunite, they need a big enough threat to make people believe The Shield can be beaten. If the Bulletproof Balor Club is pushed strong enough at the start, they can be that group.

WWE Championship: Kevin Owens (c) vs Sami Zayn

-If you didn’t already think I was batshit crazy with my predictions, then this is the point where you jump on board. I’d honestly believe this has a 0.01% chance of happening. But do you know how easy of a story this would be? Owens beats Zayn at Payback then wins at Extreme Rules with the help of maybe Chris Jericho. Owens wins Money in the Bank. Break off Owens and Zayn into separate feuds for a few months and allow Zayn to pick up some momentum. Owens cashes in Money in the Bank in the fall as Zayn continues to go on a hot streak. Zayn wins the Rumble, setting up Owens/Zayn for the Title at Mania. Both men got great reactions at Wrestlemania and this match would have the crowd into it, even if it went on at the end.

These are bound to change when I do my next predictions after SummerSlam. And based on my off the wall predictions right now, I bet they will.

Until Next Time,

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