WWE RAW 4.11.16: News and Notes


-Shane McMahon was put in charge of RAW again, due to “overwhelming social media support.”

JC’s Take: So what was the point of Wrestlemania? And if the WWE cared about social media this much, Roman Reigns would be stripped of the WWE Title.

-Cesaro defeated Kevin Owens to become the new #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship.

JC’s Take: The match was very good. I’m a sucker for match psychology, so I loved Owens working over the injured shoulder of Cesaro throughout the match. Cesaro also sold it well and played the injury into the finish as well. Cesaro moving on to Miz is fine with me, especially if he wins the IC Title and goes on a run with it. Cesaro had a backstage segment later in the night with Miz and Maryse (both were great in it by the way) and the match will take place at Payback.

-Natalya defeated Charlotte via DQ in a match for the WWE Women’s Championship. Natalya had Charlotte in the Sharpshooter. Ric Flair pulled the ref out of the ring right when Charlotte started to tap.

JC’s Take: I’m not the biggest fan of Natalya, and I think her matches with Charlotte have been a tad bit overrated by some. However, I thought this was a very good match. And to my surprise, the crowd was very into Natalya during the match. I’m assuming we get a rematch at Payback, with Ric Flair likely banned from ringside.

-Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their debut on RAW. They attacked The Usos after they beat the Social Outcasts in the first round of the WWE Tag Title Tournament.

JC’s Take: When they showed the brackets for the tag team tournament I thought Gallows and Anderson would appear at some point during it. Taking out the Usos makes the most sense as they are the face tag team of the division (outside of New Day). It was a strong debut for both of them and the crowd knew who they were. All of the sudden, the tag team division has life in the WWE.

-AJ Styles defeated Sami Zayn in a very good 15 minute match. Had Zayn won, he would have been inserted into the Reigns/Styles WWE Title match earlier in the night.

JC’s Take: I was quite surprised that Kevin Owens did not come out at any point during or after the match to attack Zayn (Shane kicked Owens out of the building earlier). The match started off slow but picked up rather quickly in the last five minutes. Styles won with the Phenomenal Forearm as well, which I like. Sometimes winning with secondary moves in matches gives those moves bigger meaning in big time matches.

-In the main event, Bray Wyatt and Roman Reigns defeated Alberto del Rio and Sheamus. The match was made by Shane McMahon after the Wyatts saved Roman from an attack by the LON. After the match, Roman had a staredown with Bray.

JC’s Take: I had my doubts about this but it was actually fun. Bray as a face worked out really well. I don’t know about a potential Bray/Roman feud down the line, but this worked fine for tonight. The crowd was great all night, but still didn’t care much for Roman. Fun main event that turned out better than expected.

Other RAW Notes

-As I mentioned above, the WWE started a #1 Contenders Tournament for the Tag Titles. The Dudley Boyz defeated Lucha Dragons (Kalisto might have gotten hurt during the match). The Usos defeated the Social Outcasts. On Smackdown, Enzo and Cass face the Ascension and Goldust and R-Truth fight the Vaudevillians.

-Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose started a feud. Ambrose had a memo from Shane saying the Highlight Reel was cancelled and the Ambrose Asylum was taking over. Although at first, Ambrose handed Jericho a California speeding ticket. Ambrose insulted Jericho’s scarf before hitting Jericho with Dirty Deeds.

-Apollo Crews defeated Adam Rose. It’s the only segment I didn’t write about so I figured I had too.

This was seriously one of the best RAWs in forever. Ot was was easily the best RAW of the year. It had three very good matches (Zayn/Styles, Owens/Cesaro, Natty/Charlotte), there was logical story telling, an awesome debut, and not one bad segment. I’m waiting for the bubble to pop on all of this, because we know it will happen sooner or later, but I’m enjoying this while I can. They are showcasing new stars on the show in addition to smartly booking their current ones.

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