Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 12 Review

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-Dario Cueto tells Cage, Johnny Mundo and Taya they will be a team in the Trios Tournament. Cage goes to deliver his usual, “I’m a man…” and Dario goes “Yeah yeah we know you’re a machine.” Funny.

Argenis vs Killshot

-It’s funny how one vignette about Killshot last week has me more interested in him than I ever was before. He even has a military like outfit for his entrance now.

-Argenis is back after he “mysteriously” disappeared when the Disciples of Death debuted.

-Killshot hits a running moonsault over the top rope onto Argenis to the outside. That’s a good looking move. He doesn’t stop when delivering it.

-I swear, the echos from the chops/slaps/kicks from everybody in LU each week get louder and louder.

-Killshot gets Argenis into the electric chair position, then brings him down into a package tombstone for the win. It takes a little long to develop, but that looked good. Fun opener. Nothing groundbreaking but nothing bad either.

-Black Lotus tells Dragon Azteca Jr that Matanza killed their master (which we obviously know is not true).

Match for a Gift of the Gods Medallion: Daga vs Texano

-Daga is apparently a young star in Mexico. His interaction with Dario Cueto before hand wasn’t anything special.

-Apparently these men are former partners.

-See that comment above I made about the echos? I’ve never heard a sound from a superkick like I just did when Texano delivered one.

-Daga is playing the role of the heel in this match. He slams Texano’s head on the announce table then slaps him around a bit in the ring.

-The crowd chants “This is Awesome.” It really isn’t. It’s ok.

-Texano rolls through an ankle lock to escape. He then hits the sitdown powerbomb for the win. Fine showing from Daga in his first match. Texano now has a Gift of the Gods medallion.

-The Disciples of Meh, I mean Death, are back. They are in the Trios Tournament again next week. Catrina tells Mil Muertes that he will be LU Champion again. But she warns him that Matanza is stronger than any challenge he faced before.

Trios Tournament 1st Round: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr vs Cage, Johnny Mundo and Taya

-Johnny Mundo might have the worst offensive move set in all of wrestling. I can’t buy it, even in LU.

-Taya is bigger than everyone on the opposite team. It’s kind of funny.

-Mundo tries to give Cage a chair, but Cage doesn’t want any of it.

-Puma tries to make the hot tag to Rey, but Mundo knocks Rey off the apron. Taya charged at Puma and it took her what seemed like forever to go over them. Drazon Azteca Jr gets the hot tag, but the crowd wasn’t feeling it.

-Rey gets the hot tag. He goes for the 619 on Mundo and Taya but they move. Puma dives through the ropes and legs of Rey onto them and Dragon jumps over Rey to the outside.

-Cage plans on going to the top but Mundo is there first. Cage gets knocked into Mundo. Azteca hits a hurricarrana sending Mundo off the ropes and Puma hits the 630 splash but only gets two. Don’t like that kickout there.

-Cage has Puma in his grasp then catches Azteca and hits a double fallaway slam on them.

-Rey hits the 619 on Mundo as Taya and Cage are taken out with hurricarranas on the outside. Puma almost hits a full 630 on Mundo but he doesn’t get the last rotation. He still picks up the win for his team. Fun match that picked up a somewhat average show.

-Dario Cueto tells Matanza that next week he will face Mil Muertes.

OVERALL: Fine show on its own. The main event was good. The other two matches were okay. Daga had a fine debut but nothing really memorable. I hope the Disciples of Death are only back for one week. I think they may be building Cage up to win the Gift of the Gods Title. Mil/Matanza should be good next week. This seemed like a hold steady show.

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