WWE RAW 4.18.16 News & Notes: Payback Card Takes Shape


Back from a bit of an extended break this weekend to bring you the latest news in the wrestling world!

-Shane McMahon made two matches for Payback at the start of the show: Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho and Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens. During the show, Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn with the Codebreaker and Dean Ambrose beat Kevin Owens with Dirty Deeds. After Ambrose’s match, Jericho hit Ambrose with the Codebreaker.

JC’s Take: Those matches for Payback looked to be happening last week and now we have confirmation. Zayn/Owens should be an extended feud that goes over a couple of PPVs. Ambrose/Jericho might be a one off, and if it is Ambrose should win and start a bit of a winning streak. Both matches were solid. Neither as good as the two from last weekm but still good.

-After a promo exchange in the ring between AJ Styles and Roman Reigns, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attacked Roman Reigns. Styles told Reigns he had no idea they were going to do that, despite Gallows and Anderson interacting with Styles earlier in the night.

JC’s Take: Well that adds a bit of intrigue to things at Payback. I don’t think Styles will be associated with Gallows and Anderson. I’m still of the belief that it will be Finn Balor as the one behind Gallows and Anderson’s attacks. He has been hyping them the most on Twitter, so I would be shocked if they aren’t associated. That leads you right into a Styles/Balor feud.

-Natalya will face Charlotte for the Women’s Title at Payback. Bret Hart will be in the corner of Natty. On RAW, Natalya made Charlotte tap out to the Sharpshooter in an 8 Women Tag Match.

JC’s Take: Hopefully Natty and Charlotte put on the same kind of match they did last week on RAW. I liked it much better than their previous matches. Seeing Bret in Natalya’s corner with Ric Flair in Charlotte’s corner is blatantly ripping off NXT. But I guess this means Bret is at least doing better in his battle with prostate cancer, so that is a good sign.

-Enzo and Cass defeated the Dudley Boyz and The Vaudevillians defeated The Usos to advance to the finals of the #1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament. The match will take place at Payback.

JC’s Take: I’m actually surprised the final match is taking place at the PPV. I’m just guessing here, but maybe the New Day will replace the Wyatts and take on the League of Nations at Payback. Either way, it is good to see two NXT teams get a match at the next big PPV. If Enzo and Cass continue to stay over with the crowd like they have so far, they have the potential to be a pretty big act.

Quick Notes

-Cesaro and the New Day defeated Miz and the League of Nations. The Miz and Maryse are a great act together. And Cesaro’s new Bond gimmick is fun.

-Apollo Crews beat Heath Slater. If Apollo would have lost, he would have had to join the Social Outcasts. Why not just put Damien Sandow in that role???

-Baron Corbin beat Fandango then attacked Dolph Ziggler. Someone also let Ziggler into Paige’s hair dye before the show.

Overall, the show wasn’t on par with last week. But last week’s show was the best in years. This show was fine and I still think continued the streak of good RAWs. I don’t know what it is, but something has changed in the writing of this show over the last few weeks. Everything (outside of Shane continuing to run RAW) is being booked logically and we are getting good matches in the process. I hope this keeps up.

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