Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 13 Review

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-The show starts with Fenix, Drago and Aerostar in Dario Cueto’s office. He teases making them a Trios team, but says they had their chance last year. Instead, Cueto makes Jack Evans and PJ Black Fenix’s partners. He then makes Aerostar vs Drago for one of the Aztec medallions.

Match for Aztec Medallion: Aerostar vs Drago

-Vampiro calls Aerostar the underdog even though Aerostar beat Drago in the Best of 5 series last year, and Drago has been in a slump this year.

-The first few minutes are nothing but exchanging armdrags.

-Aerostar goes for a springboard off the ropes but slips. Matt Striker talks about the high risk of everything but it also makes me think it was a botch and Striker’s commentary was dubbed over after.

-Of course now I’m thinking it was a planned spot as Aerostar is selling a leg and back injury from that spot.

-Aerostar does a tight rope walk across the second rope but Drago shoves him off. If you are trying to sell a leg injury, you shouldn’t be walking from one corner to the other on the second rope.

-Aerostar picks up the win after a springboard splash onto Drago. Not as good as their previous matches. I’m also not a fan of the selective selling of the leg by Aerostar.

-Taya tells Johnny Mundo he has an Aztec Medallion match next week against Cage, inside of a cage!

1st Round Trios Tournament Match: Fenix, PJ Black and Jack Evans vs The Disciples of Death


-Fenix’s corkscrew dive to the outside looks cool, but it takes a bit too long for my liking. I sit there wondering why the guy on the outside just doesn’t move.

-Fenix gets the hot tag and goes to work. The superkicks don’t sound as loud as they have in the past couple of weeks.

-Jack Evans gets the tag and shows off a bit. He’s even mocking PJ Black, even though those two were helping each other a few weeks ago. Evans ends up getting dropkicked into the corner and Fenix tags himself in.

-PJ Black comes in, then hits a dive to the outside. Fenix tags himself in mid-dive. Jack Evans hits a move to the outside as Fenix hits a springboard 450 splash in the ring for the win. OK action.

-Dario Cueto tells Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico they will all three winning teams in the Trios Tournament in an Elimination Match next week for the Trios Championship.

-Catrina asks the Disciples of Death for one good reason why she shouldn’t destroy them. Siniestro de la Muerte then RIPS THE HEARTS OF TRECE AND BARRIO NEGRO OUT. WHAT DID I JUST WATCH???

Lucha Underground Championship: Matanza (c) vs Mil Muertes

-Mil hits a powerslam and lands some blows. But Matanza gets right back up and slams Mil into the corner.

-Mil lands punch after punch in the corner as Matanza looks to finally be struggling in the ring.

-Matanza gets tossed to the outside as Mil hits a suicide dive knocking Matanza down.

-Mil focuses on Dario and lifts up, but Matanza stops anything from happening.

-The roles are reversed. Catrina hits Matanza with the stone. Matanza grabs Catrina but Mil hits him with a chair.

-Both men brawl to up the stairs to the top of Dario’s office. Mil tries to German suplex Matanza off but he blocks it. Instead, Mil hits the Flatliner and both men go through the roof of Dario’s office. Dario holds up his key as Catrina holds up the stone as the match ends in a No Contest.

-Somewhat of a disappointing ending. The brawling was good before this. My guess is this is built up to a bigger match down the road.

-We cut to the Sheriff’s office where the detective is looking at photos of past LU stars who aren’t with the company anymore that has a “missing” title. A councilman comes in (I missed his name) and says she better stop sniffing around his jurisdiction. He says his employer says she should drop his case against Dario. She says she doesn’t care what the mayor thinks. The councilman says the person is much more powerful and leaves. HMMM.

OVERALL: Not a bad show. It was quality TV. The four way Trios match next week should be fun. That along with the cage match should make  for a fun show next week. This season Lucha Underground has been putting on quality TV with a lot of episodes being perfectly fine, but nothing that really stands out. That’s fine. Also, that Disciples of Death scene was the weirdest but also greatest thing to happen. Perfect ending for that trio.

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