John Cena Confirms His Return

John Cena "Two-Face" Wallpaper

I swear, the WWE just loves putting out news after I post a column about something related to it. Earlier today I posted an article about what to expect when the likes of Randy Orton, John Cena and Seth Rollins return.

Well, now we know when John Cena is returning:

JC’s Take: Damn you John Cena! As I said in my article I posted earlier today, I’ve made my peace with John Cena. Will I ever fully embrace his character in current form? Probably not. But his in ring work, especially in 2015, has been enjoyable.

Hyping Cena’s return a whole month in advance is smart by the WWE. It lets them get through two PPVs with the current roster before Cena returns. Plus they will try to bring ratings to a RAW that is typically one of the lower rated ones of the year. I expect Cena to be an integral part of storylines going into the summer. My first guess? I expect to see Cena/Reigns take place at some point this summer.

Justin C