Lucha Underground: Season 2, Episode 14 Review

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Cage Match for an Aztec Medallion: Cage vs Johnny Mundo w/Taya

-Cage is dominating the match early and he throws Mundo into all four sides of the cage.

-Cage applies a Boston Crab in the ropes in the corner. He tries going up the cage but Mundo pulls him down and crotches him on the ropes.

-Taya takes off her belt, climbs the cage to hit Cage with it, which allows Mundo to hit the C4 off the ropes for two. Why is Taya wearing a belt with her tights?

-This time Taya climbs the cage to stop Cage from escaping and hits him with a kendo stick. The kendo stick shots were really weak. I can’t believe Cage actually sold them.

-Mundo lands some shots, but Cage is able to take the kendo stick and land multiple shots on Mundo.

-Oh look Taya is climbing the cage again. This time she tosses Mundo a chair and he hits Cage in the head with it.

-Mundo misses a dive off the top, but its ok, because Taya is there to hit a crossbody off the top onto Cage.

-Taya tries to handcuff Cage to the ropes, but Cage handcuffs her to the ropes. Cage ducks a chair shot and Mundo hits Taya. Cage then hits a sitdown tombstone piledriver on a chair for the win.

WINNER: Cage– The match wasn’t bad. I figured Taya would get involved in the match, but it was a little over the top as far as interference goes. That’s the problem with modern cage matches: there is just too much interference in them. Take away Taya’s interference and the match was good. Cage would be a good challenge for Matanza down the line.

Trios Title Match: Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Angelico (c) vs Feniz, Jack Evans and PJ Black vs Joey Ryan, Cortez Castro and Mr. Cisco

-Before the announcements, Dario Cueto says that Angelico has had an “unfortunate accident” and had to be rushed to the hospital. He said Son of Havoc and Ivelisse will still defend the Titles.

-This is an elimination match with one member of each team in the ring at all times. If I were Ivelisse and Son of Havoc, why not just avoid everything until the end?

-So far this match is non-stop action.

-We’ve finally slowed down a bit with Mr. Cisco taking control. Vampiro on commentary asks what happened to Bael.

-We just had the everyone hits a dive to the outside spot. Where is that Oprah meme? YOU GET A DIVE, YOU GET A DIVE, YOU GET A DIVE!

-Joey Ryan tries using his moves on Ivelisse, but Ivelisse slaps him and hits a German suplex. Castro tags in and gets a two. Ryan wants back in, but Castro ignores him. Ivelisse then rolls up Castro to get the three and eliminate his team. This won’t go over well with the captain!

-Ivelisse hits the Code Red on Jack Evans, but PJ Black catches Ivelisse with a kick to the head. Evans then pins Ivelisse to eliminate her team.

-Puma gets the hot tag and goes to work. He ends up hitting the 630 splash on Black, but the ref gets distracted and Jack Evans kicks Puma in the groin.

-Evans ends up accidentally kicking Fenix. This time Rey gets the hot tag and the team clears house. Rey ends up picking up the win for his team.

WINNERS and NEW Trios Champions: Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma and Dragon Azteca Jr: The match was about 75% spotfest which I was fine with. When you have that many people fighting at once in the beginning it is tough to have a normal match. The action was fun and it was non-stop throughout. There were no rest spots during it and there were always at least two people going full pace. We will see what happens with Ivelisse and Son of Havoc going forward, and if the Angelico injury turns into a storyline.

-We cut to Vampiro and Pentagon Jr., who is in a wheel chair. Vampiro tells Pentagon to get up. He burns him with candle wax. Pentagon gets up but immediately falls to the ground. Vampiro tells Pentagon he is weak as the show ends.

-Overall, this was a good show. No backstage skits until the end. The show was all in ring action and it was a fun hour. I’m looking for new feuds going forward after this.

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